When Sweden decided to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees from Muslim majority nations to their nation, they essentially agreed to forever changing Sweden’s very distinct culture. By allowing so many unvetted and unaccompanied young men to live in their country who are coming from very different cultures and backgrounds, they also agreed to strip Swedish citizens of the sense of safety and security they had prior to the flood of immigrants into their neighborhoods and cities. A nation can’t allow hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants who are unwilling to assimilate with the Swedish culture, to enter their established communities and expect positive results.

When will government officials who allowed this nightmare to grow like a cancer in Sweden be held accountable? 

Breitbart – Two asylum seekers who are on trial for raping a Swedish girl and streaming the ordeal live on Facebook will not face deportation back to their home countries.

The asylum seekers directly involved in the rape, aged 18 and 21, will not face deportation after the prosecution withdrew their previous claim.

From 24 UppsalaOn Tuesday, ending the trial of the three men suspected of involvement in the rape that has been broadcast live in a closed group on Facebook.

A 25-year old man is on suspicion of failure to disclose rape, and two men, a 21-year-old and a 18 year old, on probable cause suspected of rape.

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The three accused men sat sunken in their chairs, and the hearing began with a number of charges against two men, one admitted all seven points including the possession and consumption of drugs and driving without a license and DUI.

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The most remarkable thing was that the prosecutor Magnus Berggren denied his and prosecutors Pontus Melanders earlier demands for the expulsion of two of the men (18 year old and 21 year old) who were not born in Sweden. Only yesterday, he told me that nothing has changed regarding the claim.

Mr. Wallin, who represents the 21-year-old Afghan national, said he and his 18-year-old co-defendant arrived in Sweden when they were under the age of 15.

The third defendant in the case, a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship, is also being tried as he is accused of filming the incident and not reporting it to the police. He also faces a charge of defamation as he broadcast the rape on Facebook. However, due to him holding Swedish citizenship, he cannot be deported. 

Prosecutor Pontus Melander said he was confident he would achieve a guilty verdict. “We have an incredibly good evidence in the form of film material, but it is always up to the district court,” he said.

Melander said the likely punishment for the two involved in the attack would be three years in prison, while the 25-year-old who filmed it could receive a one-year sentence.

The prosecution argued the sentence for slander should be at least one year due to the fact the video was spread widely on social media and the victim would have to live with it for the rest of her life. 

1-3 years punishment for raping a girl “live” on Facebook is beyond the pale. It’s almost as though these asylum seekers have no fear of serious retribution for their actions.
Our United States government needs to pay attention to what is going on in these bleeding heart european nations and demand that we do a better job of vetting immigrants who want to come to America. 

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