Swedish resident, Rosa Vidarsdottir tells a harrowing story on Facebook of out-of-control, animal-like migrants who, in broad daylight in front of several people, performed sexual acts on themselves and begged her to partake in their disgusting public display. Rosa’s former boyfriend, who goes by “The Daddy Monster” on Twitter was absolutely enraged about what happened to her and blames politicians in Sweden for allowing this kind of barbaric 14th century behavior to exist in his former homeland.

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Here is Rosa’s most recent Facebook post (translated) where she explains what happened to her, and brilliantly responds to the so-called “feminists” who are calling her a “racist” for exposing these sexual deviant migrants. Her actual post in Swedish language can be found below: 

I was last Friday 29/7 molested by 9st. Migrants in peterlee centre in the middle of the breezeway on the avenue between hotels highlands and thimons patisserie… ? this happened in broad daylight at about 12.30 times in front of several witnesses.

One of them begged and begged to get a blow job… Another wanted to get laid, one just sat on the grass with his hand down his zipper and jerking off… The other whistled and shouted after me miscellaneous “compliments”…
This was so scary jääääävla and gross.

My boss saw this happen when he was standing inside the thimons and would order his lunch so he got rushed to my rescue..

Of course I called the police and told them about the incident. The police seem to know this gang for apparently they’ve molested several other girls at different ages. Now last Wednesday actually when they gave up on the 2st. 13-Year-old girls.

Now after I have been contacted by a lot of people, even people who were there around when this happened. They think they have seen the gang, think they know who they are and where they live.

A big thank you to you all, the police have been taking part of all of the info that added.

To your fabulous feminists who sent threatening messages to me yesterday where you accuse me of racism and saying that this is fiction and then writes that this was right for me.. Well what shall I say to you..

Maybe a thank you would be at his place because you just proved my point that you aren’t real feminists. You are something else entirely, and you’ll get a whole speech in your honor shortly.

You other girls and women who have heard of you and sending warmth, love and caring through messages, even though we don’t know each other. ? thank you from my heart.

What jäääkla lucky that I wasn’t alone but had a colleague, who were in the vicinity.
Because I hadn’t had a chance against 9 guys alone… ?

Now, it didn’t go so far as to a physical harassment which is fortunate, because they didn’t have time to touch me thank God, but that they said if I was going to suck their dicks and they said that they wanted to bang me and their dominant Body language was provocative enough and unpleasant behavior and it said a lot about their mentality.

Now I know how the two girls felt earlier in the week, now I know how women in general, have felt when they have been confronted by men in the group who tells them what they want to do with them sexually.

I’ve never been through anything like this in my entire life. Don’t ever want to be with it again.

I’ve read about this stuff, and feel pity for the women, which is the reason why I’ve written a lot about these atrocities and tried to highlight the problem because I felt and believe that you have to do something in order to increase the security of people, but especially for women, and Now, this has also happened to me personally. ?

I didn’t, I thought that I will stop by for a jog around the lake after work at night, through to stop the bike to the gym in the evening, stop by to go for long walks at night, I would have eliminated any risk for assault or molestation…

For not in my wildest dreams I would have been able to believe that a guy like that could happen during the day, in the middle of the day and also in front of people.

This is not an okay behavior.

It’s not ok at all.

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