A Syrian refugee who’s a father of 6 has assaulted six teens at a watermark in Canada…Authorities are saying there could be more  victims and are asking for anyone to come forward if they’ve been approached by this man. This has traumatized six teens thanks to the influx of Muslim refugees who don’t find it criminal to assault young girls. Some people feel that it’s a difference in culture and others that Muslim men consider any female without a veil a “whore” and fair game. There’s just NO EXCUSE for this no matter what the excuse. The Canadian refugee advocates predictably are more upset about how this will harm their efforts to turn Canada into a Muslim nation than the harm it did to the young girls:

LOOK AT EUROPE: GERMANY CRISIS ESCALATES: Muslim Migrants Masturbating in Pools, Defecating In Showers And Pool, Storm Women’s Locker Rooms

The sexual assaults at waterparks in Europe by Muslim men have been well documented and continue. This is NOT a rare occurrence in places with high Muslim refugee influx…”It’s shocking” to the authorities in Canada but it’s now a regular occurrence in places in Europe. Some pools have tried separating the sexes which fits right into Sharia law.

We reported on an occurrence in Lowell, Mass last July so this is beginning in America too: SYRIAN REFUGEE Behind Bars After Disgusting Criminal Behavior At Community Pool…Are We Becoming Europe?



A 39-year-old man has been charged in connection with several sexual assaults that occurred at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark over the weekend.

Police were called to the waterpark at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Officers allege a man followed and inappropriately touched six teenage girls while they were swimming at the waterpark.

“It’s fairly shocking,” EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison said. “It’s involved and traumatized six individuals and their families.”

Pattison said all six girls were under the age of 16.

“The girls were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard, that’s not always the case,” Pattison said.

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, a Syrian refugee and father of six, has since been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference.

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