The Canadian government plans on bringing in thousands and thousands of Syrian “refugees” every year. Canada is becoming Europe with their Muslim invasion. A Muslim woman just rammed into a police car yelling, “Allah!”…when will Canada have a terror attack like France? The cost of the “training” alone of these refugees is tremendous:

Syrian refugees looking to drive in the province will be treated like 16 year olds and sent into the graduated licence program because the New Brunswick government does not recognize licences from their home country.

This could pose a problem for refugees, who are looking for work in New Brunswick and plan on applying for jobs that require them to drive.

The New Brunswick government recognizes 19 different countries, including England, France, Italy, Germany and South Korea, which means those residents can simply trade in their driver’s licences for a New Brunswick licence.

But the Syrian refugees at this point will have to start from the beginning, even if they had valid licences in their home country.

The refugees will have to go through the whole process which includes a written examination, vision test and road test.

Paul Bradley, spokesperson with the Department of Public Safety, says the department has been working with resettlement agencies since December.

In an email to CBC News, he said the province is “permitting the use of translators for newcomers requiring translation into Arabic during the written and road tests”

The cost of lessons is somewhere between $600 and $800.

Quebec newspapers are far less politically correct than newspapers in English Canada. Here’s an example: “Refugees struggle to get their drivers license.”

Quebec’s insurance authority lets refugees who have a valid drivers license back in their home country drive for six months grace period after which they have to pass the test in Quebec.

But they’re failing again and again.

And for six months at least, we have people driving who are a danger on the roads.

Le Devoir quotes someone saying,

“He knew a lady who had failed the test no less than twenty times. Often, refugees continued to drive illegally, collecting fines.”


Trudeau’s refugee policy is a disaster.

Poverty, unemployment, lack of basic life skills.

Oh, and he’s said he’ll bring in 50,000 a year for four years. This is just the beginning.

Ezra Levant of reports that numerous new refugees to Canada are operating vehicles without licenses, putting safety at risk.

Via: Rebel Media

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