Trump will announce his VP pick tomorrow. Rumor has it, he has narrowed the field down to these two candidates, Governor Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Who do you think would be his best choice?


Newt Gingrich or Mike Pence? Who Should Donald Trump Choose As His VP? in 100% FED UP! Polls on LockerDome
Here are a few qualities that Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich bring to the ticket:

Governor Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would bring constitutional fidelity, conservative credentials, traditional faith, foreign policy, Washington know-how, and a calm, steady, Midwestern demeanor to a national ticket with Donald Trump, boosting the New York businessman with several types of voters that may prove to be the key to building an electoral coalition that could propel Trump into the White House.

Pence was an Indiana talk show host who took on the party establishment to get into Congress. Once there, he was regularly a thorn in the establishment’s side, routinely opposing the go-along-to-get-along establishment playbook. But he did so as a “happy warrior” who kept disagreement focused on policies, while being friendly and personable with his opponents.

Over time, Pence became very popular among conservatives, and effective at communicating a conservative message through the national media.

Pence repeatedly opposed George W. Bush’s proposals to expand government. When Republicans lost the U.S. House in 2006, Pence took the ultimate anti-establishment step of running against John Boehner to be the leader of House Republicans. He lost that bid, but garners almost 30 voters against the future Speaker, making a name for himself as someone willing to oppose anyone who Pence believed would not lead as a conservative.

Pence was regarded as an effective legislator under both Republican and Democratic presidents. Trump has no experience negotiating with Congress or experience with the vast complexity of the federal government. Pence could remedy all that.

Pence is also an evangelical Christian with a model family.

For a much more in-depth look at Governor Mike Pence and what he brings to a Trump ticket: Breitbart

Newt Gingrich

1.) Trump said he wants – and frankly needs – a political person who knows the congressional game as well as the players. As a former House Speaker, Newt fits that bill to a “t.”

2.) Newt has run for president himself and so is completely familiar with and experienced in being a national candidate. As such, he’s also already been “vetted” to the max. There will be no surprises.

3.) The traditional role of the running mate is “attack dog” against the opposition. Not that Trump needs any help in THAT department, but Gingrich would certainly make a great tag team partner on the campaign trail against “Crooked” and “Pocohantas” – though Newt will refer to them in far more genial terms.

4.) Trump has the right instincts on a wide variety of issues, but Gingrich has thought them all the way through – and then some. You want specifics? Gingrich has ‘em. In spades. And he can articulate them in a way the “average Joe” can understand. A great communicator in his own right.

5.) The liberal media can and will chew up and spit out GOP running mates who aren’t ready for prime time. Exhibit #1: Dan Quayle. Exhibit #2: Sarah Palin. That won’t happen with Gingrich. He gives to the media every bit as good as he gets from the media.

6.) Newt has spent a lifetime in politics helping candidates up and down the ballot in every state. He also knows, understands and will assist conservative grassroots organizations, as well as state and county parties. A true GOP party soldier who understands the nuts and bolts of building a political ground game.

7.) He is a prolific fundraiser who has his own stable of GOP mega-donors – such as Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas Sands – who stand ready, willing and able to assist the former House Speaker and his running mate.

8.) He is an admirer of the tea party and has been openly supportive of the movement. He’s also familiar with the GOP establishment and the K-Street gang and can work with them. He’s also proven particularly adept at reaching across the aisle and working with the opposition when the situation or issue properly calls for it.

For entire list of reasons Newt Gingrich would be Trump’s best choice for VP, go here: Chuck Muth’s News and Views

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