Taylor Swift thinks we care about who she endorses…we don’t. Why would we ask a pop star for advice on politics? We might ask her to sing or write a song but we’d never consider asking her for political advice. We think most people feel the same way but Taylor Swift lives in the world of Hollywood political self-importance. She just came out with a political endorsement on INSTAGRAM for the Democrat running for US Senate in Tennessee.  The problem is she doesn’t know what she’s talking about (see below). Don’t you love it when pop singers play political activist? It exposes them for the clueless hacks they are.

Bet she doesn’t know this…Here’s a little more from WFB on the candidate Swift endorsed:

Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen, a top party recruit who announced his Senate campaign on Thursday morning, was criticized for hiding details of sexual assault investigations into his top officials during his tenure as the state’s governor.

Yes, the Democrat Swift endorsed has some problems…The WFB went on to report that documents related to sexual harassment during Bredesen’s tenure were shredded. The Tennesseean and the AP both investigated and found something fishy was going on:

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“The governor’s office has become involved in a select number of workplace harassment complaints against top state officials and has put them under a veil of secrecy that does not apply to ordinary state workers, a Tennessean review of case files shows,” the paper wrote in July 2005 after finding that shredding of documents was common for investigations into officials at the level of Cooper and White.

The AP, which conducted its own thorough review of workplace harassment in Bredesen’s office, came to a similar conclusion.

“In a review last year of 602 workplace harassment case files across all levels of state government, the AP reported that documents were shredded only in high-profile cases,” the AP similarly found around the same time.

On the other hand, Marsha Blackburn is squeaky clean. She’s a fantastic candidate with a strong conservative record.

Support for Marsha has now grown because of Taylor Swift’s endorsement. Social media lit up with supporters coming out of the woodwork:


STUDENTS FOR TRUMP: . just alienated half of her fans and is going to pay a big price for it. Taylor Swift is a snowflake!


If you’re in Tennessee, please make an effort to campaign for Blackburn. Let’s help her cross the finish line with a win! RED WAVE!


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