The outrage mob is coming for Scott Swift after his daughter’s fans claim he posted ‘right-wing memes’ on his private Facebook page. Apparently, he’s not allowed to have his own opinions on social media. The irony is that Taylor Swift is releasing a new album tomorrow that has ‘left-leaning political undertones’.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Taylor Swift appeared to share a joke on Tumblr which her father Scott Swift had made on his personal Facebook page

The Tumblr post was quickly deleted and her father’s Facebook also vanished. Before the Facebook page could be deleted, fans took screenshots of the ‘right-wing memes’.

One fan said, “I can’t believe the following things happened in the span of 45 seconds:”

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Fans claim they found right-leaning memes on Scott’s Facebook page, including one saying that ‘dependents’ on a tax form included ‘illegal immigrants’.

It is unclear whether the posts were genuine or they may have been fabricated.

The meme below is critical of Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Swift’s representatives did not comment on the record.


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