Are Taylor Swifts lyrics full of “explicit” content?

It’s one thing to drop a bunch of F-bombs….but are they also flat-out Demonic and Blasphemous?

Many people say yes, including Sean Feucht, who posted this which is what originally caught my attention:

Are your kids listening to Taylor Swift?

Are you ok with them listening to all this EXPLICIT language?

But as I said, that’s one thing.  They’re going to hear bad language in this world.  But are you ok with them hearing outright Demonic and Blasphemous lyrics and singing (chanting?) them over and over, almost as if casting a spell?

That’s a whole other thing!

Take a look at this second post from Sean Feucht:

Almost half the songs on Taylor Swift’s new album contain explicit lyrics, make fun of Christians and straight up blaspheme God.

Is this the music you want your kids listening to?

Do you think I’m overreacting?

Read the lyrics below and decide for yourself:

🎤Guilty as Sin
What if I roll the stone away?
They’re gonna crucify me anyway
What if the way you hold me is actually what’s holy?
If long-suffering propriety is what they want from me
They don’t know how you’ve haunted me so stunningly
I choose you and me religiously

Another song:

🎤The smallest man who ever lived
I would’ve died for your sins, instead, I just died inside

Another song:

🎤 But daddy I love him
I just learned these people only raise you
To cage you
Sarahs and Hannahs in their Sunday best
Clutchin’ their pearls, sighing, “What a mess”
I just learned these people try and save you
‘Cause they hate you

Another song:

🎤 God save the most judgmental creeps
Who say they want what’s best for me
Sanctimoniously performing soliloquies I’ll never see
Thinkin’ it can change the beat
Of my heart when he touches me
And counteract the chemistry
And undo the destiny
You ain’t gotta pray for me
Me and my wild boy and all of this wild joy
If all you want is gray for me
Then it’s just white noise, and it’s just my choice

Wow, that’s bad.

And that is JUST from her latest album….what if we review her entire catalogue?

Well, we learn right away that she really likes to write about Witches a lot.  That’s strange.

Here are 4 examples:

  1. “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one” – from the song “I Did Something Bad” off her album “Reputation”
  2. “Women like hunting witches, too” – from the song “Mad Woman” off her album “Folklore”
  3. “Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes” – from the song “Cruel Summer” off her album “Lover”
  4. “I thought the plane was going down/How’d you turn it right around” – a line from “Labyrinth” off her album “Midnights” which was associated with witchcraft allegations due to a coincidental plane flying overhead during a concert.

Why would someone have so many lyrics about Witches?

Seems strange.

I know, I know….it’s art!  You just don’t get it!

You’re right, I don’t.

I don’t get it and I don’t like it.

I could spend a LOT more time on lyrics and perhaps I will in a future article, but now let’s talk about the visual imagery at her shows.

Maybe lyrics can be misinterpreted, but certainly the images at her shows are wholesome right?

I mean, it’s not like she has Goat Heads and Witches and Spells and Rituals being performed at her shows, right?  Right?

Ummmm, take a look for yourself.

This is charming image:

Watch the full clip here:

The Christian Post went deep on the topic:

Former Boyzone star Shane Lynch has accused popstar Taylor Swift of engaging in demonic practices and satanic rituals during her sold-out shows and warned of the damaging effects such music has on children.

“I think when you’re looking at a lot of the artists out there, a lot of their stage shows are satanic rituals live in front of 20,000 people without them realizing and recognizing,” Lynch recently told Ireland’s Sunday World.

“You’ll see a lot of hoods up and masks on and fire ceremonies. Even down to Taylor Swift — one of the biggest artists in the world — you watch one of her shows and she has two or three different demonic rituals to do with the pentagrams on the ground, to do with all sorts of stuff on her stage. … But to a lot of people it’s just art and that’s how people are seeing it, unfortunately.”

The 47-year-old Irish singer said there’s a “lot of hidden satanic” messaging in music today, yet most listeners are oblivious to it.

“When it comes to a lot of the music that’s out there at the moment — more of the hip-hop side of things — there is a lot of hidden satanic and a lot of evil within them, including down to the beats. It’s very real,” he said.

“Music attaches to your emotions,” Lynch added, “It has a connection to your spirit and how you feel. That’s why I’ve stopped listening to those types of music myself because it doesn’t suit my spirit.”

Lynch, a father of two and a professing Christian, warned that certain music is damaging to society in general and especially children.

“It 100 percent has an effect on society. I think our society has never been worse in many areas, and it starts from our children,” he said.

“It’s coming in right at our children from the very beginning to get them to sway away from anything Godly, anything controlled or disciplined. It’s getting wilder and wilder out there for a reason. … Music is dangerous.”

Swift, 34, has previously been accused of promoting demonic activity through her music; in her 2020 “Willow” music video, she is shown observing an occult ritual and previously said the song “sounds like casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you.”

In one remix of the song, she posted a photo of herself on social media with the caption, “Witches be like ‘Sometimes I just want to listen to music while pining away/sulking/staring out a window.’ It’s me. I’m witches.”

She also referenced witch hunts in her 2017 album Reputation.

“They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one,” she sings in the song “I Did Something Bad.”

And for those of us who remember the Super Bowl, this is her bestie sitting next to her.

The girl in the Orange hair with the upside down Cross necklace doing the Devil Horns.

Just more coincidences, I’m sure.

Ok, but now let’s examine why so many think there is demonic imagery and/or spells being cast or rituals conducted at her shows.

I’m not even going to give any comments, I’m just going to show you the videos and let you decide.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

And here she is talking about Witches again….

Why does she have such a fascination with Witches?  It’s weird.

Ok, I could go on for hours, but I’ll wrap it up here.

I’ll end with this….

We always like to be fair and balanced here, so while I have extreme concerns with what I see in her lyrics and videos and concerts, we should report that she professes to be a Christian:

Taylor Swift: “I’m a Christian”

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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