The story below comes from Houston, Texas where the Muslim population has grown tremendously. The interesting thing about this case is the father claims his son was discriminated against by the teacher. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? How did this supposed mute six-year-old Muslim boy learn to say “BOOM” and “ALLAH”??? Nothing to see here, move along…

A six-year-old Muslim boy with Down syndrome was feared as a terrorist by his teacher in a US school after he kept repeating ‘Allah’ and ‘boom’ in his classroom, a media report said on Sunday.

Mohammad Suleiman was born with Down Syndrome and he has intellectual difficulties, according to his father.

He said his son’s regular teacher in an elementary school left and a substitute teacher called police in Pearland, around 20 miles south of Houston, in Texas, about his son.


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The teacher also said the school told the officer that Mohammad could talk.

Disgusted by the allegations, Mohammad’s father said his son doesn’t speak at all and has the mental capacity of a one- year-old, The Independent reported.

“They claim that he’s a terrorist. This is so stupid, this is discrimination actually. It’s not implied discrimination, it’s a hundred per cent discrimination,” the father said.

The Pearland Police Department said it has concluded its investigation and found no further action was needed.

However, the region’s Child Protective Services department said its investigation is ongoing. Via: outlookindia

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