The indoctrination of our youth is happening at every level in almost ever corner of the world… 

It was meant to be a creative writing exercise as part of a Religious Education lesson.

But when pupils were asked to write a letter to their parents saying they had converted to Islam, it was met with outrage.

The 12 and 13-year-olds at Beaucamps High School in Guernsey were asked to consider what it would be like to become a Muslim and to write a letter to their loved ones explaining their decision.

But many parents blasted the homework, saying it was dangerous when so many youngsters were fleeing Britain to wage jihad in Syria.


One said: ‘The idiot who thought this one up is not fit to be at the school or in education.’

Muslims make up less than one per cent of the population on Guernsey and the island recently refused to accept any Syrian refugees.

Gemma Gough said she and her husband Will had complained to Guernsey’s education department, and added that their son Thomas would not complete the work.

Writing on Facebook, she said: ‘Sorry, but both Will and I feel very strongly – as do many, many other parents – that this is not acceptable. Kids are too impressionable, and imagine if these letters got in the wrong hands in years to come.’

Guernsey’s education department said: ‘It is important that our students are able to learn about, understand, investigate and question all that is around them. As with all subjects, homework will be set to cover all areas of the curriculum.’

One person wrote: ‘Teach pupils about religion by all means but be very careful when you ask them to be a Muslim.

teach Via: UK Daily Mail


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