In an accidental show of solidarity with certain Central European regimes from the 1930s, teachers at a high school in New Hampshire, supposedly the epicenter of the Free State Project, marked unvaccinated students on their hands with a black sharpie at their prom.

Unsurprisingly, this has outraged many parents and the school has since come under fire for its fascist gesture.

In 1941 Nazis branded Jewish prisoners with tattoos to help identify and separate them from Jews that were sent to gas chambers and those who were sent to labor camps. The identifying tattoos were also used as a way to “dehumanize” the Jewish prisoners.  Sound familiar?

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According to Melissa Litchfield, one of the Republican State Representatives of the Live Free or Die State, students who were not vaccinated were marked with a black sharpie on their hands while vaccinated students were marked with a red sharpie. Teachers determined which sharpie students would be marked with based on the students’ ability to present vaccination papers. Litchfield went on the say ‘What does that mean to you? I’m just going to let that sit there.’ in hopes that those who came across her words knew their history.

To make matters worse, according to Representative Litchfield, parents were not given prior notice of this blatantly authoritarian system. In fact, one concerned parent said that ‘We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get the “approved vaccine.”‘. Fortunately for New Hampshire, voter ID laws exist to prevent this hypocrisy from being even greater than it is. Word is still out on how those teachers’ stances on such laws though.

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