In case you don’t live in the Midwest, you might not have noticed that the fight continues between the Democrat-lead powers that just won’t let go after decades of disaster in the city of Detroit. It’s like the abused wife who’s more comfortable with the evil she knows rather than getting the heck out of Dodge to find a better situation. The people of Detroit are still fighting the perceived “racism” from anywhere and everywhere in Republican Governor Snyyder’s administration. The Democrats that ran the city into the ground with so much corruption and so many inept officials want the same-old same old back and want Emergency Managers put in place by Snyder to go away. The latest problem is with the Detroit Public Schools and the water scandal in the city of Flint. Here’s the take from the Detroit News:

Detroit — Hundreds of teachers, activists and students gathered Wednesday outside Cobo Center in a combined effort to protest conditions in Flint and at Detroit Public School buildings.

The protest outside Cobo came hours before President Barack Obama’s scheduled visit to the North American International Auto Show inside the building.

“Snyder out, is a must,” the crowd chanted, led by leaders wielding megaphones. “Detroit won’t go to the back of the bus.”

Joel Berger, an English teacher at Cass Technical High School, said the city-wide sickout and protest stemmed from a grassroots effort by teachers, students and parents.

He also joined many protesters in directly linking issues in DPS and Flint.

“Teachers, parents and students are just fed up with the injustices that are being done to our students,” Berger said. “It’s about (Darnell) Earley, who was the emergency manager in Flint when they switched their water over, and now he’s being charged with looking over Detroit Public Schools.”

“We’re building toward a city-wide strike to restore the rights of the people of Detroit now, and to get rid of the (DPS) emergency manager,” he said.

“It’s clear that the state takeovers and the elimination of democratic control across Michigan cities has only created more destruction in black, Latino and poor communities,” he said. “In Flint, we had emergency manager Darnell Earley, who said himself that to save money, they’d switch water from the Detroit water system to the Flint River.”

“This is a city-wide struggle about our future,” Douglass said. “It’s going to take this movement to prevent the racist attacks.”


Supporters of ousted teachers union president Steve Conn clash with Detroit police officers and hotel security at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Detroit where a hearing was held on Conn’s bid to be reinstated.

Some protesters insisted the sickout symbolized support for Steve Conn, the ousted former president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers union.

The DFT executive board removed Conn from office and expelled him from the union in August after finding him guilty of internal misconduct charges.

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