Another patriot’s life was destroyed by the evil and corrupt Justice Department that is carrying out a political vendetta after the January 6th unrest.

Representative Majorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) said that January 6th defendants are being treated worse than Guantanamo bay prisoners last year.   “They are treating those people worse than they treat the terrorists at Gitmo [short for Guantanamo],” the GOP representative asserted. “They are treating those people worse than they treat illegal aliens being held in detention centers—and I have toured detention centers and I know what they look like.”

Last month, the Biden regime’s treatment of the January 6th defendants drove one of them to suicide.  37-year-old Matthew Perna was a patriot who attended the January 6th demonstrations.  He was not accused of violence by the Justice Department or property destruction.  He alleged that the Capitol Police let him into the Capitol with no resistance.

For a crime that amounted to less than trespassing, considering he claims to have been escorted into the Capitol by police, he faced up to 72 months in jail.  His family attempted to defend him in his obituary, and the newspaper they chose refused to publish it if it made any mention of his innocence.  After Matthew couldn’t even get a fair hearing in death, Tucker Carlson interviewed his Aunt, Geri Perna.

Geri Perna explained that her nephew Matt essentially caved and pleaded “guilty” because the stress of the government ruining every aspect of his life was too much to bear.


According to his aunt, while Matthew stood trial, he lost his source of income and was disowned by many of his friends and family.  Not one politician in Washington D.C was willing to stand up for Perna’s rights.  “We made dozens of phone calls, to dozens of Congressmen and Congresswomen, from both sides of the aisle.  Not one phone call was ever returned,” She said.

How many will have to suffer before our politicians stand up to Biden’s tyrannical Justice Department and the Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee whose only purpose is to destroy Trump and his most ardent supporters?


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