Senator Ted Cruz Was shocked and got emotional when he spoke to reporters today about what he saw at the southern border. He has been at the border for two days with a delegation of Republicans who want to see firsthand what’s going on with the illegals who are being housed at detention centers.

The National Guard should be brought in immediately to aid in turning this around. Biden got rid of Trump’s remain in Mexico policy, and it’s now the remain in the US policy because these illegals are being released and not held. Every single American should be outraged at this manufactured chaos, just as Senator Cruz is in the videos below.

Watch below as Senator Cruz describes what he saw at the border:

“We just saw a dead body floating in the Rio Grande!”

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He spoke by phone to Fox Business just hours ago to discuss what he saw at the border today. He said that conditions on the border are ‘100 percent preventable.’

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Thank you, Senator Cruz!

The entire video below is of all of the Republican Senators speaking about what they saw at the border:

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