Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on ‘Morning Joe Wednesday and got into a heated debate on gun control. Lefty cretin Joe Scarborough  was clearly no match for Cruz. Scarborough got all worked up and even admonished Cruz for lecturing him…

Things went downhill when the conversation moved on to Supreme Court rulings on the Second Amendment. Scarborough told Cruz, “Senator, there are a lot of people, lawyers right now, who are rolling their eyes at what you’re saying.”

Cruz replied, “My career was litigating before the Supreme Court. I recognize this is not what you do.”

“I don’t need you to lecture me on what the Supreme Court does and what it doesn’t do,” Scarborough zinged back. “You can talk down to me all you want to.”

Cruz made a great point when he replied, “Who’s talking down to who? You say lawyers are rolling their eyes at me.”

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Scarborough is one angry and arrogant guy…Why would Cruz even go there?


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