Board member of the NRA and Rock legend Ted Nugent spoke out against a new rule prohibiting baiting and feeding deer and elk in Michigan today in front of a state House committee.

Michigan-born Nugent claimed that the ban will lead to “widespread civil disobedience” and spoke about his support for a bill to reverse the ban on baiting deer and elk.

Nugent, known for his colorful language and out-there comments told the Detroit Free Press:

“This is a Rosa Parks moment. The law is wrong, the law is bad, the law is illegal.”

A Michigan Department of natural Resources spokesperson said:

“We believe the authority to ban baiting and feeding should remain with the Natural Resources Commission, the body responsible for regulating the method and manner of take of game in Michigan. In addition, peer-reviewed research has shown that baiting and feeding that concentrates animals beyond their normal movement patterns increases the likelihood of disease transmission.”

Ted Nugent is a huge Trump supporter and played before a packed crowd during the last Trump rally before the election in 2016.

We were there and took this photo of Ted Nugent from behind the crowd. It was an incredible moment when he played the Star Spangled Banner!

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