The lawsuit that a black teen brought against a high-end department store was just settled and it made this kid rich. The clerk in a Barney’s store called cops when she felt their was a question about the credit card used to purchase a high-end belt. The rest is history until now…the teen just won a half  million dollars.

The racial profiling lawsuits are on the rise, and it literally pays to be African-American these days. The Black Lives Matter groups that slam police and white people for being racist and cruel helped to advocate this issue.

Trayon Christian is a student who went shopping on his pay day at luxury department store Barney’s of NY. He bought a Ferragamo belt with his debit card. He wanted this belt because the Harlem rapper, Juelz Santana wears one. After purchasing the belt, undercover employees responded to the sales clerks call that Christian’s credit card may be fraudulent.

After they caught up with Christian about 2 blocks away they took him to the police department. He was there for 42 minutes total for a background check and questioning. They found out that his card was legal and didn’t have any criminal record, so they apologized and let him go. It was a simple mistake and with theft and fraud everywhere out there the clerk was being hyper-vigilant.

Mr. Trayon Christian didn’t like what happened to him, and refused their apology. He attempted and succeeded in winning a lawsuit against the NYPD, Barneys and the city for a $525,000 settlement on the grounds of racial profiling. Barneys paid him an undisclosed amount. Christian said because he was a young black male buying a $350 Ferragamo belt the sales person called the police to report him and accused him of making a fraudulent act. His anger made him rich.
It’s not justice when one takes advantage of the system like this. Anyone of color can do exactly what Christian did and claim racial profiling.

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