The story below is heartbreaking.

Nine members of a Mormon family were ambushed and murdered by Mexican cartel gunmen last week. A hero teen who survived told his story to “Good Morning America”.

Devin Langford, 13, told how his mother Dawna Langford told him to “get down right now” before she was fatally shot in the ambush.

“She was trying to pray to the Lord, and she was trying to start the car up to get out of there. They just started hitting the car first, like with a bunch, a bunch of bullets. Just start shooting rapidly at us. It felt real scary and it felt like a lot of bullets.”

The rest of the story is unbelievable. The teen hero walked 14 miles for help!

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Devin’s father David Langford had this to say about his loss: “So now, it’s my whole life has turned upside down. Not only have I lost a wife and two children, but I’m having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point.

“Hold onto your family — there’s nothing like family.” -David Langford

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