Teen In Hot Water After Punching Man Dressed as Trump for Halloween

By Leisa Audette | Oct 30, 2019

Blame the information war by our media on the hate that even a 14-year-old girl would have for President Trump. The constant drumbeat of pushing the lie that he is a racist or is somehow a Putin Puppet takes its toll when it’s repeated 24/7. Repeat a message often enough, and it becomes truth to those who believe in it. Frightening. What’s even more frightening is that the girl’s friends recorded the assault and then posted it on Instagram!

A 14-year-old girl is in hot water with possible charges of battery when she punched a man in the face who was dressed as President Trump.

The Naples News reports that the Collier County Sheriff’s Office says the man and his family were in line to go into the Naples Haunted Gross House exhibit at the county fairgrounds when the girl walked over to him and punched him in the jaw. The man told officials that the girl laughed and then ran away.

The girl was kicked out of the fair and faces possible charges of battery.

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