Who raises these monsters? This incident happened almost five months ago. Why have these bullies not been charged yet? 

A gang of teenage girls lured a 14-year-old ‘friend’ to a sleepover only to beat her up and post a sickening video of the 10-minute attack online.

Cell phone footage shows at least five girls dragging Naomi Johnson on to the floor, hitting her over the head and stamping on her during the savage assault.


Naomi can be seen struggling to escape as the girls pummel her for a full ten minutes in the video, which the cruel perpetrators later posted on Twitter to ridicule their victim.

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The beating took place in July and police have seen the footage – but none of the girls involved have been charged. Meanwhile, their school, in Anchorage, Alaska, has refused to take action.

The footage shows the girls ganging up on Naomi and dragging her to the ground by her hair before smacking her over the head as she tries to wrestle herself free.

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Another girl then approaches and starts stamping on Naomi in what her parents are calling a ‘life-changing’ attack.

Later in the video, which was taken by a friend of one of the assailants, the victim appears to have given up trying to defend herself and is seen curled up in the middle of the room as four girls kick and hit her head and body.

One young boy half-heartedly intervenes by dragging one of the attackers away but does not stop the others from continuing the ferocious beating.

He only holds back the teenager for a few moments before letting her go, and appears to be laughing as she runs back and plants a hard kick to Naomi’s ribs.

Naomi was left severely injured and medical bills – including scans on a lump on her carotid artery in her neck – soared to $40,000 following the attack.

She was left emotionally damaged too and her parents Wayne and Monica have taken her out of school.

‘Things are just different now. I don’t got to school. I don’t hang out with my other friends,’ Naomi told Fox 4.

Police were told about the incident on July 26 and were provided with the video two weeks later but have not charged any of the girls.

Anchorage Police Department said in a statement that it has seen the ‘disturbing’ footage and that an investigation is still ongoing. 

Police would not name any of the teenagers under investigation because they are juveniles. Names of the alleged attackers have circulated on social media but they have not been verified.

Naomi’s parents took her out of the public school after it refused to suspend any of the girls allegedly involved because they go to classes on different days to the victim, Fox 4 reported.

This came after the schoolgirl was allegedly sent a death threat by one of the girls, who is aged just 13.

Father Wayne Johnson said: ‘She’s got threats coming into her school from the girl – her ex-best friend who set her up in the first place – that next time she’s going to stab her and kill her.’

Mother Monica Johnson added: ‘Her whole life changed, with school, with everything and at one point I was thinking maybe we should just leave [the town]. Maybe it would help her to start new.’

Mr Johnson is now suing party host Deanna Kirgis, who, according to a lawsuit seen by The Daily Beast, was at her home in Anchorage when Naomi was assaulted.

The father claims Kirgis – who he is suing for $100,000 in damages – failed to intervene and that she provided the underage girls with alcohol. Via: UK Daily Mail

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