The reporter for KGW8 in Portland, Oregon, the epicenter of the paid Soros, Anti-Trump riots, starts out with, “News tonight, a terrifying attack! A Beaverton woman says a group of men could have KILLED her when they threw a brick at her, knocked her down and threatened her in a Hillsboro Safeway parking lot.”  

“The victim who’s black thinks she was targeted because of her race and says the men also praised President-elect Donald Trump while they attacked her.”

But wait…there are no witnesses to this “racist” and violent attack in a busy parking lot, no broken ribs, no damage to any personal property…in other words, no evidence and no witnesses.  But yeah…we should all believe her, because she’s black and the alleged attackers were not only “racists” they were “Trump supporters!” LOL!

Here’s a bit of the drama queen’s account of what happened. Fact or fiction? You be the judge.

“I legitimately was coming to terms with the fact that I was probably gonna die.”

“Let’s turn her into our sex-slave and then when we get done with her, string her up from a tree or something.”

“And then I just saw was a ‘Trump-Pence Make America Great Again’ bumper sticker, is all I caught.”

Reporter: “She said it took her a few days to file a police report because she was in so much shock.”

“Because it was me hurt with potential cracked ribs and contusions this time, but next time it could be someone’s lief and you don’t come back from death.”

How profound! 

Wow….Two days later and she’s still clutching her side like every rib was broken! Only problem is, she admits no bones were broken nor did she suffer any contusions. Thank goodness she didn’t die…because if you listen to her, she was awfully close to death.

There are so many videos of recorded violence against Trump supporters ranging from kids in high school to full grown adults at the hands of pro-Hillary Democrats. Hmmm….any chance Kara Stevens is attempting to stir up a little anti-Trump sentiment with a phony attack story?

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