The first thing you might ask yourself about this politician is how she could remain in office for TEN TERMS! She’s another poster child for term limits! The video below shows how she’s kept her seat at the table by fear mongering and keeping the freebies coming. She covers all the bases:

CHILDREN: “I ask them, did you really come to Congress to take food out of the mouths of hungry children?”

HOMELESS: “There isn’t a religion in this world–and they’re so pious–that says you don’t house the homeless. It’s unbelievable that we won’t care for our brothers and sisters.”

GOV’T DOLE: “Their philosophy is you’re in it alone. Ours is we’re all in this together.”

Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a ten-term congresswoman from Illinois, brought a can of “whoop ass” to a progressive rally designed to protest cuts to social programs under President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget.

The event, attended by progressive heavyweights and hosted by a progressive reverend, featured a dozen speakers of activists and Democratic lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.)

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Schakowsky was introduced with a call for political action. “We have more power than Russian bots on Twitter and Facebook. We have the power of the vote!” the host said.

The Illinois congresswoman wasted no time in showcasing her prop.

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