THIS is a perfect example of what happens when the process by which you are allowed to have a gun is so rigorous that many people can’t arm themselves. What good is a signal gun? People in America might question why pro-gun advocates don’t believe in extensive back ground checks. It’s simply because those who want to protect themselves might not be allowed to do so for some minor reason. Can you imagine being in Europe right now where the gun restrictions are so tight? That must be horrifying! Everything that has happened to them is now coming our way so wise up America! Keep your guns and ammo and FIGHT BACK against stupid laws and background checks. 

Terrified Germans are looking for firearms for protection against incoming migrants, but the law requires them to jump through bureaucrat hoops just to obtain gas cartridge guns or signal pistols.

German specialty weapons shops are allegedly selling three times as many alarm, gas and signal guns than usual. The report comes just two months after the German website Focus said the nation was experiencing shortages of pepper spray.

“People no longer feel safe, otherwise they would not be buying so many products here,” a pistol seller in North-Rhine Westphalia told Deutsche Welle on Wednesday.

The businessman attributed the spike in interest to a slew of sexual assaults in Cologne, Bielefeld, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart on New Year’s Eve. Over 100 sex attacks were reported in Cologne alone. The wave overwhelmed its police force and the national media refused to cover the scandal for four days.


Deutsche Welle said citizens are now lauding the U.S. for its Second Amendment now that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to accept 1.1 million has backfired.

“Carrying arms is also necessary in Germany, because our police can no longer protect us from burglars,” said an elderly man who applauded American gun rights, the website reported.

German citizens hoping to get their hands on non-lethal firearms must be over the age of 18, pay $65 for a permit, and clear a background check.

“The relevant police authority will conduct a comprehensive background check on the purchaser and only when they have a spotless record will the permit be issued,” the website’s source said.

Felix Beilharz, a social-media expert from Cologne, said online search records corroborate the seller’s claims.

“There has been an increase of at least 1,000 percent or more in Google search queries for gun permits since January,” Beilharz said.

German citizens are probably not the only Europeans now pining for American gun rights. Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland have all struggling to cope with increased crime since the arrival of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa include.
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