On Thursday, an Indiana teacher was taken into custody by police after learning she had a “kill list” that included students and staff from the school where she works.

According to a Facebook post, police were summoned to St. Stanislaus School Wednesday with comments made by teacher Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, 25, earlier in the day.

According to WLS-TV, a fifth grade student informed school staff that Carrasquillo-Torres talked about killing herself as well as others at the school, saying,

“She said that she wanted to kill her middle school friends, her high school friends, and half of her family,” adding, “I’m really, like, scared and worried,” she continued, “She said she wanted to choke us, and she wanted to kill herself.”

The police post said, “The teacher was immediately escorted into the Principal’s office to discuss the matter. While discussing the matter in the office, the teacher allegedly admitted to the Principal that she did, in fact, make those statements to the student and confirmed that she did have a ‘kill list. During the conversation, the teacher named a specific student on her list but did not provide the list. The Principal then advised the teacher to leave and not return to school pending an investigation,” the release said.


The school later changed its statement telling parents that the teacher was detained on school grounds.

“The teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and detained while we investigated the incident. After students were safely dismissed, the teacher was escorted off campus and we notified the police.”

WFLD-TV police detained Carrasquillo-Torres on Thursday and said she is currently being evaluated at a local hospital.


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