The terrorism continues in Europe with the press scrubbing or censoring details of the crime. Stabbings and rapes against Europeans by Muslim invaders are a regular occurrence BUT isn’t it important for the press to report on it to let the people know WHO is doing the stabbing and raping?

A soldier in France is in a serious condition after being stabbed by two men who reportedly criticised the country’s airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

The victim, from the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, is being treated in hospital following the attack in the southern town of Saint Julien du Puy, which lies around 70 miles to the east of Toulouse.

He had been alone in uniform on a training march when he was set upon by the pair armed with a knife, on Thursday at 8.40pm local time.

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A manhunt to catch the attackers is under way.

France is part of an anti-IS coalition, which has carried out bombing raids against the terror group.

The country has been on a state of high alert in the wake of last year’s deadly attacks in Paris.

Via: Sky News

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