France has been besieged with thousands upon thousands of invaders from the Middle East and Africa.

It’s well documented that the terror and violence on the streets has skyrocketed since the literal invasion of Europe.

A tent city for “refugees” called “The Jungle” housed thousands of homeless refugees up until recently. Other scenes in the heart of Paris of men just sleeping all over the place are shocking to those who remember Paris as “The City Of Lights”…

The big question to ask is why the city is spending millions on this yet they haven’t considered it necessary to protect their borders from terrorists. Does the tourist money and the Eiffel tower come before the safety of the French people?


Paris City Hall announced Thursday an eight-foot tall bulletproof glass wall will shield the iconic Belle-Epoque Eiffel Tower from terrorist threats.

Coming just six days after a lone knife attacker rushed soldiers protecting the Louvre Palace museum, the new permanent wall will replace a temporary structure put in place in Summer 2016. Speaking in Paris Thursday morning, Bernard Gaudillères, president of the organisation that operates the tower, said the “bulletproof wall will encompass most of the gardens of the Eiffel Tower”, reports Le Figaro.

Mr. Gaudillères said because the wall will be made of bulletproof glass, it will still allow views of the Tower from the street. The new wall will prevent tourists and, it is hoped, would-be terrorists from approaching from any direction.

Now instead of walking to the monument from the street, visitors will be forced to enter through security checkpoints through the gardens. Despite this change, Paris has said access to the gardens and square underneath the tower will remain free of charge.

The decision to use glass, which will cost Paris some €20 million (£17 million), will prevent the tower from taking on the appearance of a “fortress”, and won’t “distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings”, reports Le Parisien.

This development comes as Paris struggles to recover the flagging tourist trade in the city, which has been driven away by fear of terrorism and surging crime.

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