Borderless travel through Europe is dying, a political victim of mass-murder in Paris. That is the conclusion of many sensible people, including Alex Carlile, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation. Lord Carlile, incidentally, is a Liberal Democrat. Seeing the flaws in the Schengen rules, which allow free movement across much of the European Union, is no longer confined to the political Right.

That conclusion is based on reports that at least one of the Paris killers arrived in Greece and claimed to be a refugee from Syria, then travelled on from Greece across the EU unchecked before reaching France.

Even before Paris, Schengen was crumbling under the pressure of what some have called the great migration from the Middle East and Africa into the EU. Borderless travel meant a lopsided distribution of new arrivals, often unwanted. The fences that went up over the summer will now become higher and more numerous, as many will no doubt conclude that not only do the foreigners arriving on this continent threaten their culture and livelihood, some of them pose a physical threat too. –Telegraph UK


Paris and the surrounding region lost 1.5 million tourists on 2016 as visitors, especially from the Far East, stay away due to ongoing terror fears.

According to the Comité Regional du Tourisme, the Paris Ile-de-France region also lost 1.3 billion euros in tourist income, while the number of nights spent by foreign visitors in the region’s hotels also fell by 10.8 per cent.

Tourists are probably not too excited about visiting Paris after shocking videos have been circulating that capture the filth and trash left behind by migrants that have overwhelmed the once thriving tourist spot.

This is definitely not the Paris you dreamed about: 

Some sights in particular “have suffered deeply from the lack of tourists and cancellations by school groups”, the committee says, including the Arc de triomphe which saw a 24 per cent drop in visitors.

The Louvre museum, which earlier this month was subject to an attack from a machete wielding man shouting “Allahu Akbar”, also saw a 13.3 per cent drop last year.

The fears have even hit Disneyland Paris, which saw a 9.5 per cent drop in foreign visitors.

Police in Paris

This month has seen a series of disturbances in Paris’s suburbs, with one coachload of Korean tourists robbed when men climbed aboard their coach, shouting threats.

One witness described the incident as “ten minutes of horror”, revealing that one of the men threatened the tourists with an object “resembling a glass bottle”.

Watch shocking video showing migrants attacking police officers and rioting in Paris. Listen to chants of “Allahu Akbar!” as they attack police officers:

The disturbances began after a black youth was allegedly raped with a police truncheon while being arrested. Evenings of rioting spread through the suburbs, with cars torched, windows smashed and shops looted. At times, police appeared to have completely lost control of the situation.

The South Korean government has now warned nationals from visiting Paris as tourists, in a move which will cause further damage to France’s ailing tourism industry.

The city also announced this month it was building an eight-foot tall bullet-proof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower, with visitors forced to enter through new security check points. –Breitbart News


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