This call to violence by the Left against innocent people who don’t agree with their radical ideology, is eerily similar to the tactics used by terror groups in the Middle East. These are acts of terror that are being overlooked by our President and our DOJ, simply because they understand that this is the only way to stop Trump is by striking fear in the hearts of his supporters…

A picture of a flier that’s been circulating in the Richmond, VA area is going viral. The intent of this flier is clearly to stir up hate and encourage violence against Trump supporters who plan to attend Trump’s upcoming rally. This type of organization to create chaos and fear is how the Left wins elections, how the unions get what they want and how our PRESIDENT and his cronies operate behind closed doors at our White House. This flier is laced with hate, fear mongering and calls to violence, but you will never see it being shown to the general public by the mainstream media, as it crushes their narrative that the Trump supporters and conservatives of America are somehow promoting violence and “fear mongering” to get votes. This incendiary flier is summarized at the bottom by claiming, “They [Trump supporters] have promised us violence, and we must promise them the same.”

Can someone please provide us with one iota of evidence that shows Trump supporters asking other supporters to violently attack innocent people who disagree with their political views?

flier I

Flier II

America needs to stand up to these coordinated efforts by talking to their neighbors, relatives, friends, co-workers and even to members of their churches. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. If the media won’t report this, we need to speak up and let everyone know what is happening…

h/t Weasel Zippers

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