Terry McAuliffe just dug a deeper hole for himself. During an interview on Sunday morning on Meet the Press, he attacked parents again. The video clips below expose McAuliffe as a desperate politician who is his own worst enemy because of his stubbornness.

McAuliffe wrongly blames Glenn Youngkin for stirring parents up and “creating” a ruckus at school board meetings.

During the interview, he claimed “everyone clapped” when he said parents shouldn’t control education. This is the very reason McAuliffe could lose the election. Contrary to what McAuliffe claims, everyone in Virginia isn’t clapping and agreeing with McAuliffe about excluding parents from involvement in educating their children.

McAuliffe offends parents in the third clip below by calling them “racists” and falsely claims Virginia schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory.

“Our School Boards Were Fine…These People Started Showing Up Creating Such A Ruckus”’


“Everyone Clapped” When I Said Parents Should Not Control Education:

McAuliffe AGAIN Falsely Says CRT IS Not Taught While Smearing Concerned Parents As “Racist”

These are more self-inflicted wounds due to the stubbornness of McAuliffe.

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