Joe Biden appeared with Terry McAuliffe tonight to try and push him over the finish line to win the race for governor of Virginia. Yes, that’s just what McAuliffe needed was a Joe Biden cringe moment. Little did we know that McAuliffe would have a ‘hold my beer’ moment and do a completely cringy dance to outdo Biden. Of course, Joe gaffed during his speech (SEE BELOW) but nothing compares to the dance McAuliffe did to make you want to wash your eyes out with bleach.

WARNING: It’s hard to unsee the dance. Watch as McAuliffe shakes his hips from side to side and raises his arms in the strangest political move since Howard Dean screamed like a banshee.  Notice that Biden looks stiff and hardly moves. McAuliffe suddenly realizes what he’s doing and stops.

“Please Virginia, end this cringe.”

Joe gaffed as he stumbled through his speech:

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