According to an exclusive report by Daily Mail, a robot violently malfunctioned and attacked a Tesla engineer at the company’s Giga Texas factory near Austin.

The report claims witnesses saw the machine, designed to grab and move freshly cast aluminum car parts, pinned a man who was programming software for two disabled Tesla robots nearby.

The robot reportedly sunk its metal claws into the man’s arm and back, leaving a ‘trail of blood’ in the factory.

“The incident – which left the victim with an ‘open wound’ on his left hand – was revealed in a 2021 injury report filed to Travis county and federal regulators,” Daily Mail writes.

“This incident, witnessed by two colleagues, resulted in noticeable injuries and disrupted the factory’s operations,” Chuck Callesto writes.

Daily Mail reports:

While no other robot-related injures were reported to regulators by Tesla at the Texas factory in either 2021 or 2022, the incident comes amid years of heightened concerns over the risks of automated robots in the workplace.

Reports of increased injuries due to robotic coworkers at Amazon shipment centers, killer droid-surgeons, self-driving cars, and even violence from robotic chess instructors, have led some to question speedy integration of the new tech.

The injury report, which Tesla must submit to authorities by law to maintain its lucrative tax breaks in Texas, claimed the engineer did not require time off of work.

But one attorney who represents Tesla’s Giga Texas contract workers has told she believes, based on her conversations with workers there, that the amount of injuries suffered at the factory is going underreported.

This underreporting, the attorney said, even included the September 28, 2021 death of a construction worker, who had been contracted to help build the factory itself.

‘My advice would be to read that report with a grain of salt,’ the attorney, Hannah Alexander of the nonprofit Workers Defense Project, told

Tesla has been working to develop humanoid robots that can perform tasks and interact with humans.

“The company has recently unveiled its latest version of its robot, called Optimus Gen 2, which is lighter, faster, smoother and more capable than its predecessor,” Fox News reports.

“New bot in town! Optimus Gen 2 features Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, faster and more capable hands, faster walking, lower total weight, articulated neck, and more,” Tesla wrote earlier this month.



Per Fox News:

Optimus Gen 2 is the second generation of Tesla’s humanoid robot. It is designed to be a general-purpose machine that can assist humans in various domains, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare and entertainment.

The robot stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 121 lbs, which is 22 lbs lighter than the previous version. It can run at a speed of 5 mph, which is 30% faster than before. It has 35 degrees of freedom, which means it can move its joints in various directions and angles. It also has a more human-like appearance and movement, thanks to its new hands, feet, neck and body.

The robot’s hands have 11 degrees of freedom and are equipped with tactile sensors and faster actuators, which allow it to manipulate objects with more precision and dexterity.

The robot’s feet have a more natural shape and have force/torque sensors and articulated toes, which enable it to balance better and walk more smoothly.

The robot’s neck has two degrees of freedom and can tilt and rotate its head, which gives it more expressiveness and flexibility. The robot’s body has integrated electronics and wiring, which make it more streamlined and robust. It also has a new white color scheme.

Optimus Gen 2 is a remarkable achievement for Tesla and the field of robotics in general. The robot demonstrates the rapid progress and innovation that Tesla has made in developing humanoid machines that can rival or surpass human capabilities. The robot also shows the potential of humanoid robots to become a part of our society and economy, as they can perform tasks that are dangerous, dull, or difficult for humans.

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