“One smart cookie”…That’s how we described Trump’s new Chief of Staff back in May of 2017. The videos below are awesome! Mulvaney is unafraid to come at the D.C. elites.

Mick Mulvaney is one smart cookie. He’s doing a fantastic job cutting where cuts need to be made. Congress will complain about ANY cut to their voter base’s favorite item. Listen to the grandstanding from Jackson-Lee on cuts to Medicaid: “They are begging for their Medicaid”

The grandstanding is so sickening!

It went downhill from there. Jackson-Lee wanted to try and make Mulvaney out to be an uncaring guy. She’s a total bully!

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HE’S ONE SMART COOKE! MULVANEY JUST GAVE DETAILS OF THE BUDGET CUTS IN A FANTASTIC PRESS CONFERENCE. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ENTIRE VIDEO BELOW: Office of Management and Budgets (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney outlines the structure, intents and purposes of the Trump administration Fiscal Year 2018 Budget – “The Taxpayers Budget”

The best part of this great news conference is when a reporter asks about cuts to “climate science programs”: At the 17:00 mark Mick Mulvaney rips into the reporter and it’s just awesome!

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We recommend the entire video because you’ll see Trump hired one smart cookie! Mick Mulvaney knows the budget and handles the press beautifully!

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