Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling for fellow Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan to step down from his position. According to Paxton, Speaker Phelan presided over House proceedings in a drunken stupor.

House Speaker Phelan

Paxton said Phelan was in a state of “debilitating intoxication,” and in addition to issuing a statement asking the Speaker to resign, Paxton also called for an investigation, saying Phelan violated House rules,

“Based on a review of Speaker Dade Phelan presiding over the House of Representatives in an obviously intoxicated state, I am calling upon the Committee to open an investigation into Speaker Phelan for violation of House rules, state law and for conduct unbecoming his position.”

Paxton’s statement said Phelan’s behavior had a negative impact on legislative proceedings and constituted a failure to fulfill his public duty. He said he hoped Phelan would get the help he needed but that Texans were counting on the House to pass critical legislation protecting the integrity of Texas’ elections and preventing the Chinese from purchasing land.

Video footage of Phelan’s conduct is circulating on Twitter. Phelan’s speech was slurred and confused on Friday as the House attempted to pass numerous bills before hitting a midnight deadline. Their legislative session ends on Memorial Day.

Greg Price tweeted the video saying Speaker Dade Phelan is either really drunk or having a stroke.


As of Monday, Phelan had not posted on Twitter addressing the allegations but rather talked about how he was working to move the Republican agenda forward. “The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and I had a great meeting this morning – we’re working together to make sure we get it done on time. One week left. Stay Tuned.”

As of now, no House members have joined Paxton in calling for Phelan to step down. According to the Dail Mail, on Tuesday, Texas lawmakers revealed they had been conducting an investigation into possible corruption by Attorney General Paxton. The probe became public shortly after Paxton issued his statement.
Within hours of Paxton claiming Phelan had presided over the House in a drunken state, Phelan announced the House General Investigating Committee had been investigating allegations of misconduct by Paxton. Although the FBI has proven itself to be unreliable and unjust, led by a partisan, two-tiered justice system, Paxton is also under an FBI investigation after being accused of corruption by a former employee.

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