Sydney Watson, an Australian/American journalist and political commentator, has exposed a gender identity clinic in Texas that, until very recently, has been performing double mastectomies on 12-year-olds as part of their pediatric gender transition.

A friend of Watson’s told her about this clinic that was reportedly performing breast removal surgery on young teens, so she had her friend Arielle Scarcella call the clinic to validate this claim.

Sydney Watson

During the phone call, it was discovered that the clinic no longer performs these surgeries on anyone under 18, due to “proposed law changes” in Texas. “That means that they would be turned in if they mutilated a 13-year-old,” Watson said.

In a video of Scarcella’s phone conversation with the clinic, she asks “Before this law change, how old was the limit?”

“We were 12 and over,” responded the clinic rep. She then said that the clinic only performed these surgeries if the child had “met all the requirements and had been in therapy for a long time.”

“As of right now,” continued the rep, “literally when that first mandate went through, they dropped our malpractice insurance for the doctors instantly for anyone under 18.”

Although the woman at the clinic tried to prove they had been following proper guidelines which made what they were doing okay, she only proved how easy it is for parents to get their children irreversible surgeries to change their gender identity.


The proposed law change being referenced was the declaration of Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, that the prescription of puberty blockers and certain sex-change operations on children should be classified as “child abuse”.

“There is no doubt that these procedures are ‘abuse’ under Texas law, and thus must be halted,” wrote Attorney General Paxton. “The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has a responsibility to act accordingly. I’ll do everything I can to protect against those who take advantage of and harm young Texans.”

Unfortunately, many clinics and doctors are performing gender reassignment surgery on minors. In Watson’s YouTube video, she bashes the doctors and clinics that not only perform these life-altering surgical procedures on young children but also who encourage these procedures for children.

As an example, Watson shows a page from one doctor’s website, which says they are “happy tooffer top surgery to minors.” This clinic even goes so far as to encourage minors to get these surgeries, saying “it may well be much more detrimental to the patient to wait until the age of 18 for surgery.”

As parents, teachers, and even doctors push the idea of gender reassignment onto young children, it suddenly becomes a matter of coercion, whether intentional or not. Watson points out that children are young and impressionable, and they also can change their minds drastically between the ages of 12 and 18.

In her YouTube video, Watson makes it clear that performing irreversible surgeries on young children and teens is “completely unethical.” She then goes on to list doctors who advocate for these irreversible, major surgeries to be available to minors.

She explains that there are, in fact, “doctors that have attempted to speak out about detransitioners, or those who regret their gender reassignment surgeries… are isolated and find themselves out of a job.”

“Detransitioners, as they’re called, are often shooed out of the limelight because their experiences are inconvenient to the transgender movement,” continues Watson.

She then asks, “What about the children who access these surgeries after being groomed by their parents, the educational system, their friends, and so on, and come to find out that they identify with their natal sex the whole time? Is their suicide less interesting and relevant?”Watch Watson’s full YouTube video:


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