After busloads of illegal immigrants have been sent to Washington D.C. and New York City, Gov. Greg Abbott is now sending buses to another Democratic-run major city: Chicago.

As communities near the Mexico-U.S. border are overwhelmed by large numbers of illegal immigrants, Abbott decided back in April that he was going to be offering immigrants the option to get on a charter bus to D.C. and NYC, both Democrat-run cities.

Since then, this initiative has angered the Left-wing political leaders who have called this a “humanitarian crisis” and “political stunt,” complaining about the overwhelming numbers flooding their unprepared cities. The irony of it all is that they are the exact lawmakers who so passionately advocate for our borders to be open to everyone – as long as their far-away cities don’t have to deal with any of the consequences.

On Wednesday, Abbott announced that the first two buses of immigrants were arriving in Chicago.

In a statement, Abbott sarcastically took aim at the Dem. Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot:

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“Mayor Lightfoot loves to tout the responsibility of her city to welcome all regardless of legal status, and I look forward to seeing this responsibility in action as these migrants receive resources from a sanctuary city w/ capacity to serve them.”

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Mayor Lightfoot shot back at Abbott, accusing his actions of being “racist” and “without shame or humanity.”

A statement from the Chicago mayor’s office said,

“Unfortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is without any shame or humanity. But ever since he put these racist practices of expulsion in place, we have been working with our community partners to ready the city to receive these individuals.”


Fox News correspondent Grady Trimble estimated about 80-100 people arriving on the two buses, including at least 20 kids and infants.

Trimble initially reported that the immigrants were “expecting someone to… help them when they arrived,” but no one was there. However, there was soon another video posted of the immigrants being filtered onto a new bus, which was reportedly taking them to a shelter.

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