A new common sense plan put forth by pro-gun Texas Governor Greg Abbott makes veterans and retired police officers a part of school security and safety. This is what some Texas schools and other schools across the country have already done with great success. See our previous reports below…

Via Breitbart:

Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) security plan in response to the Santa Fe High School attack includes placing armed veterans in Texas schools for defense of students and teachers.

Details are set forth in the School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, released May 30, 2018.

The plan calls for a greater law enforcement presence throughout Texas schools by all means necessary. This includes having officers use schools as a stop for “breaks, lunch, or to file reports.” Abbott’s plan also asks schools “to provide office space for a local or state law enforcement official to work from.” He is asking the state to consider grants to help school’s offset the cost of providing such space and accommodating a great law enforcement presence.

Abbott’s plan also focuses on the use of retired police officers and employing veterans to serve as armed patrols in Texas schools:

Texas public schools are permitted to hire any person who is a licensed peace officer to provide campus security. Texas retired and off-duty peace officers already have extensive firearms and emergency response training, and many would be willing and able to protect Texas campuses. Texas should authorize schools to prioritize recruitment and hiring of such personnel to protect their campuses and their student bodies, faculty, employees, and guests. Hiring should prioritize individuals with the most applicable skill sets (i.e., former police, sheriffs, and constables).
In addition, the state should create a pathway for our veterans – many of whom have extensive firearm training – to help protect our schools through a modified school marshal program that ensures they have the appropriate training to transition their expertise into the campus environment. Veterans who complete tailored training and background checks should have the ability to once again serve their communities in times of need.

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CNN reported about a Texas school in which students say they “feel protected” knowing the teachers are armed. The school is another rural school just like the ones in Missouri where the teachers are armed. It’s just common sense to have armed teachers when it would take too long for the police to come quickly for an emergency.

After the piece on the Texas school, the CNN host and guest never talked about the fact that students would feel safe with armed teachers. They talked about policy and tiptoed around other topics. The “Guardian Program” is common sense but the left just can’t see it. Rural places must have this! Texas has allowed 170 schools to have armed teachers…these clueless liberals only see policy, policy, policy.

Training once a year and target practice are requirements. Armed teachers should be volunteers and should be trained so they will be ready at all times. Notice how the CNN commentators never say this would be voluntary. They make it sound like the teachers would be forced to do this.

The woman is clueless…”It all comes down to training” Huh? Four “trained” deputies stood outside and did nothing!


While the rabid liberals in America have been foaming at the mouth for strict gun control — and ultimately a ban on firearms as that’s their real goal — to prevent school shootings, the New York Police Department is taking a more effective, constitutionally sound approach.

According to recent reports coming out of the Big Apple, high schools in Queens will be receiving armed guards. This comes a week after the department removed officers from the schools (see our previous report below).

The NY Post is reporting:

An NYPD representative from the 111th Precinct announced at a School District 26 meeting Friday that cops would be reinstated at Francis Lewis, Bayside and Benjamin Cardozo high schools.
An NYPD spokesman, Lt. John Grimpel, told The Post the officers will return on Monday.

Francis Lewis HS PTA co-president Linda Lovett, who started a petition to restore a cop to her kids’ school, was elated.

“I think it’s amazing. I’m so happy. I can’t thank The Post enough,” she said. “This is the power of the press, I have to say.”

Lovett and other Francis Lewis parents were up in arms when they learned the NYPD would do away with armed officers in the schools by April 1. The ill-timed move came as the country was grieving the murders of 17 students and staffers gunned down in a Valentine’s Day massacre at a Parkland, Florida, high school.

Lovett put together a survey and collected 1,000 signatures gathered from concerned parents, students, and even teachers who wanted the officers put back in school.

The reversal on this decision was a good move on the part of the NYPD, something that has now been proven after an armed resource officer stopped a shooting on the campus of a Maryland high school early Tuesday morning.

Having armed officers and guards on the premises is a common sense measure that will increase the safety of students across the country, so it should be a real no-brainer to implement such policies everywhere. Time will tell if this idea spreads.

Twitter exploded with push back on De Blasio:

How could New York City reelect this guy!


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