Texas Governor Greg Abbott is FED Up! He wants to end the covid madness and is pushing citizens in Texas to go maskless and get back to normal. He tweeted out that “Texas is OPEN 100%” and that local governments will be fined for imposing mask mandates. Public schools will also be prohibited from mandating masks.

Texas is OPEN 100%.

Starting TODAY, local governments attempting to impose mask mandates can be fined up to $1K.

Public schools are prohibited from mandating masks after June 4.

Today Texas recorded the fewest Covid-related hospitalizations in more than 11 months.

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We also recorded the lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate since we began keeping the data. It’s 3.66% today. It has been below 4% for almost a week.

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Governor Abbott and Florida Governor DeSantis have been out front in their efforts to get their states back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

Abbott’s order on mask mandates:

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