A Texas mom rips the grand jury that let her 9-year-old daughter’s killer off with no indictment

In February, a nine-year-old girl’s life was snuffed out, and now her killer walks free after a grand jury refused to indict.

Nine-year-old Arlene Alvarez was sitting in her family’s pickup truck when a bullet hit her head. She spent a day on life support before tragically passing on February 15th.

Gwen Alvarez, the victim’s mother.

Her shooter, 41-year-old Tony Earls, was just a victim to a robbery and fired at the pickup truck after believing that the robber had gotten into it. This misunderstanding ended the life of a fourth grader, and now a grand jury refuses to indict on the grounds that Earls was also a victim of a crime.

The actual victim’s mother, Gwen Alvarez, tore into the grand jury for what she believed to be a heartless miscarriage of justice.

From the New York Post:


“What is wrong with all of you guys?” Alvarez asked emotionally.

“There are a lot of children dying. Our future is dying. … Where is the humanity? Where is your heart? Where is your soul?”

“He gets to see the light. My daughter still doesn’t,” Alvarez’s mom said at the emotional press conference.

“My daughter is still down, underground. I don’t know if she is even good spiritually,” she said, saying she is haunted by watching her daughter getting fatally shot in front of her.

“I lived that moment, and I go back to that day every night. And I know what happened,” she said.

Earls was initially charged with aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury, but the grand jury refused to indict him. He cannot be charged again.

Shooter Tony Earls

Earls’s attorneys made the following statement:

“Mr. Earls did what we believe anyone in that situation would have done,” said the attorneys, Brennen Dunn and Myrecia Donaldson.

“We are relieved that, despite the emotion and tough decisions that had to be made in dealing with this case, justice was served for Mr. Earls.”

While the case was undoubtedly a difficult one, the victim’s family believes it was a grave and cruel miscarriage of justice. A man fatally shot their daughter and walks away from it, a free man.

Police and the district attorney’s office are currently focusing their efforts on finding the alleged robber who victimized Earls. They are offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to his or her arrest.

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