Air Force veteran and newly-elected Texas Congressman August Pfluger represents a district in Texas that is oil-rich. It’s why he’s concerned with Joe Biden’s proposals on taxes and the oil and gas industry.


The former national security adviser to President Trump spoke out on the importance of keeping American energy independent. Pfluger considers energy independence to be a national security issue:


“We’re going to do everything we can to continue to fight for things like energy independence. It is job number one for me that we fight against anything that we see from a Biden administration or executive order.”

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“When you look at the 2017 tax reform and wanting to increase taxes on Day One. When you look at the statements that he’s talked about …absolutely denying permitting for federal lands or federal waters for drilling. There are several things I think are extremely alarming that would affect our district and the ability to provide that affordable, reliable energy.”

Remember that Joe Biden spilled the beans during the last debate when he tripped up and told the truth that he wants to “transition” away from oil in favor of renewable energy. For most Americans who had been paying attention to Biden’s campaign, they knew he would trash the oil and gas industry. How could he not if he had signed onto the Green New Deal?

AOC recently demanded that Biden “Keep his promise” on the Green New Deal:

The Green New Deal is a fast pass to socialism clothed in a phony concern for the environment.

Fox News reports that Pfluger graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2000 and spent nearly two decades in the Air Force. He was a fighter pilot flying F-15s and F-22s and deployed for combat missions in the Middle East. In 2019, he joined Trump’s National Security Council for a few months before leaving to run for Congress.


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