Texas Representative Tony Gonzalez stated that the shooter, Salvador Ramos, had already been arrested for threats to “shoot up a school”

UPDATE: Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is saying TX DPS and TX Rangers are telling him that the report by Rep. Tony Gonzalas about the shooter being arrested for threats to “shoot up a school” 4 years ago, is incorrect. Melugin says his sources are saying the teen shooter, Salvador Ramos, was NOT involved in that incident and was NOT arrested.

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzalez stated on FOX News that he had received information that the Uvalde elementary school shooter, Salvador Ramos, had been arrested four years ago at age 14 over threats to “shoot up a school.”

The Uvalde elementary school shooter

From the Daily Mail:

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Gonzalez made the claims on FOX News on Friday morning.

“This wasn’t hearsay. I got this late last night: ‘The shooter was arrested years ago, four years ago, for having this plan for basically saying, for saying, you know, when I’m a senior in 2022, I am going to shoot up a school.'”

“Something fell between the cracks between then and now to allow this to happen. We need to shake out all the facts.”

“We need to figure out what happened. Where the holes and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“But if law enforcement, you know, identified him four years ago as a threat, we need to figure out why he wasn’t – you know, how he got removed from that,” he said.

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Ramos went to a juvenile correction facility after his arrest. However, somewhere between then and now his case was forgotten about.

Due to slipping through the cracks, a teenager who had already threatened to commit a school shooting in 2022 was able to carry out his plans and murder 21 innocent people.

How much of his plans authorities were already aware of is yet unknown, however, he was in communication about his plans with teenagers all over the world via messenger apps online.

That he had stated what he was going to do in 2018 and was able to follow through in 2022 is quite concerning to many.

This, coupled with the poor law enforcement response time and some of the decision making process, has many people angry over authorities whom they believe to have incidentally allowed this tragedy to happen.

However, we must not forget that the bulk of the blame must always lie on the perpetrator.

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