At least 26 people have been killed inside a Texas church – including a two-year-old child – after a gunman dressed in full combat gear opened fire during the morning service before cops shot him dead.

Confirmed reports are beginning to circulate that the shooter is a left-wing Antifa member, Devin Patrick Kelley (26), with military experience, acting out on behalf of the previously promoted November 4th Resistance via Antifa. “Kelley is a former U.S. Air Force member who served from 2010 to 2014. He was dishonorably discharged and court-martialed in May 2014, CBS News has learned.”

(Via CBS) […] Kelley is a former U.S. Air Force member who served from 2010 to 2014. Records confirm Kelley previously served in logistics readiness in New Mexico until his discharge in 2014, Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek said in a statement.

Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of assault on his spouse and assault on their child, Stefanek said. He received a bad conduct discharge and confinement for 12 months. He has a residence in New Braunfels, Texas, which is about a 35-mile drive from where the attack took place in Sutherland Springs. – Conservative Treehouse

Kelley showed off an image of a rifle on his Facebook page, calling it a “bad bitch”:

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Although gun-control advocates will use Kelley as an example of why no American should be able to legally own a gun, it’s worth pointing out that, given Kelley’s dishonorable discharge from the Air Force, which is a felony, he would be banned from possessing a firearm in the U.S.:

Kelley’s Facebook page has now been deleted, but you can see a screenshot of the weapon he posted above. His profile picture showed two small children, which was a chilling juxtaposition next to the semi-automatic rifle that was his cover photo. According to The Daily Beast, “Kelley was married and Kelley’s mother-in-law listed a P.O. box in Sutherland Springs as a mailing address. San Antonio police reportedly raided Kelley’s home on Sunday evening…he briefly taught at a summer Bible school.” He lived about 35 miles from the shooting scene.

The shooter was described as a “white male in his 20s from outside San Antonio” by Mike Levine, a journalist for ABC News, who reported that law enforcement had uncovered a weapon photo on Kelley’s Facebook page. “Authorities are now scrubbing his social media; on Facebook in recent days, he showed off an AR-15 style-looking gun,” Levine wrote. Authorities said the rifle used in the massacre was similar to the one Kelley posted on Facebook, but they could not confirm it was the same weapon. – Heavy

Kelley’s Facebook page revealed that had recently shaved his beard. It’s Kelley’s response to a friend who asked him, “Don’t you have a beard?” that’s curious. Kelley’s responded, “Not anymore. Long story.”

Although there is no evidence so far that indicates Kelley was radicalized by Islam, it’s common knowledge, that before a Muslim commits jihad, they are to be cleanly shaven.

Slate magazine explains why a terrorist shaves before blowing himself up:

So he’s clean when he enters heaven. Traditionally, Muslims purify corpses by washing the skin and nails and sometimes by shaving the pubic hair. But suicide attackers are deprived of a proper burial since there are usually no remains. To compensate, the attackers shear themselves ahead of time, both to guarantee some level of cleanliness at the time of instant incineration and to prove extreme devotion to personal purity. Some scholars offer an alternative explanation: They believe that suicide terrorists adopted the no-hair practice from the Pashtun tribesmen of Afghanistan, who shave their bodies before going into battle.

Hair removal is mentioned in Islamic law as a method of maintaining personal hygiene. In addition to nail clipping, the sunnah instructs Muslim men and women to shave or trim pubic hair regularly and to remove underarm hair. Men must also clip their mustaches. In some circumstances, Muslims are encouraged to shave their heads. For example, Al-Bukhari, a ninth-century Muslim scholar who spent years collecting hadith, quotes the prophet as saying “May Allah bless those who shaved” during the Hajj (pilgrimage); and the Quran states that “ye shall enter the Sacred Mosque, if Allah wills, with minds secure, heads shaved, hair cut short, and without fear.”

Here are the FACTS we know from Texas LEO and FBI Press Conference:

“Largest mass shooting in state history” ~ Gov. Greg Abbott [Texas]
26 dead + Shooter = Total 27 [23 inside church, 2 outside, 1 hospital death]
11:20 am Suspect was seen dressed in all black. Tactical Gear and Ballistic Vest
Weapon: Ruger AR-type Rifle.
Eyewitness neighbor engaged shooter with his own rifle [possibly hit the shooter in neck]. Shooter dropped a weapon and fled in the vehicle. Citizen pursued the suspect in a vehicle.
Police arrived at the vehicle, shooter dead.
Ages of 26 victims: 5-years old to 72-years-old.

Paul Joseph Watson posted a screenshot of some of the pages and issues that Kelley was interested in:

While Kelley was clearly interested in atheism, he also appeared to be a liberal as it relates to social issues.

Hopefully, we’ll get more details about the motive behind the worst shooting massacre in Texas history, faster and more accurately, than the misinformation campaign we’ve been fed by local Las Vegas and federal authorities about the worst mass shooting in US history only one month ago…



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