As Border Patrol agents are reporting thousands of illegal crossings daily, residents in the Rio Grande Valley are saying they too are seeing an increase of immigrants.

In a shocking surveillance video taken in Mission, Texas a woman recorded a group of about 16 people jumping a fence of a home inside a gated community.

And Democrats don’t think we have a problem?


Crazy video from ABC News is stunning evidence that our border is wide open and that illegals ignoring border parol demands that they not cross.

The video shows adults with small children coming through a hole in the border fence and then through a fence in water. The immigration policy has incentivized bringing a child with you to cross because it increases the chances that you will be released into America:

According to The Hill, releasing anyone who brings his or her child into the U.S. has incentivized the smuggling of children and enabled an increasingly large share of new illegal aliens to get past the border and embed themselves in our society.

NEW: In video obtained by , a family of asylum seekers attempts to cross through a hole under the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, despite warnings from CBP agents—and a woman who makes it to the U.S. side is separated from her sister’s family.

This is a crisis even if Democrats refuse to say that it is. President Trump should shut down the border so border patrol can cover areas like the one in the video.


The video below is from the husband of Mindy Schroeder Brown who describes what’s in the video and what’s going on at the border in a Facebook post below:

It’s a look at just how open our border is and how the illegals are just surrendering to the border patrol so they can get into detention. Once in detention, many are released into America with a “promise” to come back for a court date.

This is a video my husband shot this evening leaving the farm West of Mission, Texas. 300+ people, a DAY get bussed from this location. 1 bus in the morning, 1 bus at noon, and 1 bus in the evening. Towards the end of the video, you’ll see the useless border wall that’s been in place since late 2007-early 2008.

It’s useless because there are no gates on it. Just huge gaping spaces every quarter mile or so because Obama halted the construction when he took office. You’ll also see a border patrol agent step into the clearing so the illegals can see he’s there waiting for them.

What you don’t see is the other border patrol agent on the other side of the wall with another 125 or so people… waiting for a bus. (My husband stopped recording because he didn’t want the agent’s face shown in the video) This is an everyday thing. Hundreds of illegals crossing just at this ONE location. The RGV is at its breaking point. Our Border Patrol needs help. *

Posted by J Dubya Gibson on Monday, April 1, 2019

President Trump is begging Congress to do something to change the loopholes in our immigration laws.

More photos and videos from the border:

Here’s a typical “bailout” with illegal aliens. Again, these folks are NOT TURNING THEMSELVES IN FOR ASYLUM!!! #BuildTheWall

Posted by Proud American on Saturday, March 30, 2019

Notice how the group below is all young men:

While Congress sits on their hands, we are literally being invaded at the border:

Posted by J Dubya Gibson on Friday, March 29, 2019

The Border Patrol takes illegals to detention:


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