American liberals may be the dumbest people in world history.  Their lack of self-awareness is so bad that the Chinese have a specific insult for the American left.

Despite their claim to being more worldly than ‘backwater’ conservatives, they remain woefully unaware that most of the developed world has far stricter abortion laws than the United States.


This lack of awareness led Green Day rock star Billie Joe Armstrong to say that he was renouncing his US citizenship at a concert due to the reversal of Roe v Wade.  He made the statement at a concert in London this weekend.

If Armstrong is looking for a ‘progressive’ country that has more relaxed abortion laws than the United States, he might find good company with the Chinese or North Koreans, who are one of only six countries that allow abortion on demand up until birth.

The Daily Mail Reports

Green Day star Billie Joe Armstrong proclaimed ‘f**k America’ and claimed he was ‘renouncing his citizenship’ in wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn federal abortion protections.


Armstrong, 50, made the declaration during a Friday night concert in London, telling the audience: ‘There’s too much f***ing stupid in the world.’

He also told the crowd he was going to move to the UK, a statement that was met with roaring applause.

Armstrong’s remarks came as protests erupted across the U.S. after the conservative-majority high court voted to overturn the landmark 1973 case Roe v. Wade, which held that abortion fell under the constitutional right to privacy.

The American Idiot hitmaker has repeatedly used his musical platform to protest politicians and alleged injustices.

At a show earlier this month, he performed in front of a backdrop that read ‘f**k Ted Cruz’ in an effort to take aim at the GOP senator from Texas.”

Special thanks go out to President Trump for appointing conservative Justices that made this possible.

Armstrong may no longer be an “American Idiot”, but there’s no question he’s still an idiot.

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