The video below is from an ABC News interview of Obama. Check out how George Stephanopoulos corrects Obama when Obama says “my Muslim faith”…THE VIDEO IS FROM 2008!



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We’d love to know what you think about what Obama says in the videos above. I personally find this disturbing. His fundamental transformation is continuing even now. The refugee resettlement is bringing in approx. 900 Muslim refugees per month. The number is much, much higher with the Visa Program.

Do Americans have an obligation to prevent this “fundamental transformation”? We think so! Look around your community and see if it’s being swamped with Muslims. Thousands upon thousands of Muslims have entered just this year. Contact you local City Council or mayor and tell them you oppose the refugee resettlement in you town.

I would also contact City Hall and the County Executive to intercede as well in this regard.

Also, reach out to community organizations, many of which should welcome the opportunity to keep tabs on the refugee influx as well.

If the agency is a Catholic-supervised operation, e.g. Migration & Refugee Services–USCCB, also touch base with the Diocese as often as appropriate. Let them all know they’re being monitored.

It’s all about pressure and oversight which these refugee resettlement operations are terrified of.

Finally, if you know folks who have firsthand familiarity with the local resettlement office staff and operation, ask them to keep you posted. Not all who work for or volunteer for these agencies are lackeys.

So how do you find your local resettlement agency offices? Click here and if you live near one of these offices know that they can resettle refugees in nearby towns—up to 100 miles or about a two hour drive away.

But, here is step 2! You have got to get what you learn out beyond your own little circle! Write a blog or website, write letters-to-the-editor, develop a social media network, make youtube vids, whatever it takes!

Use your free speech while you’ve got it!

Here’s the complete list BELOW of Refugee Resettlement offices: – Please call!

Department of State – Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Office of Admissions – Refugee Processing Center Affiliate Directory

2BF712B200000578-3222405-Only_the_United_States_has_given_more_to_the_humanitarian_effort-a-106_1441381469223We’ve given so much and have not seen the support from the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia!

Isn’t it time we put AMERICA FIRST!


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