Lin Wood released a killer video this morning – you just have to see it.  The good guys versus the Deep State.

Lin Wood yesterday released this incredible video showing the patriots leading the charge against the Deep State:

Then last night Wood announced that Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, refused to testify in front of the Georgia House Committee about Election fraud. Since Governor Brian Kemp won’t call a special session, the Georgia legislature apparently can’t make Raffensperger testify:

Meanwhile, Georgia’s House of Representatives is holding a hearing on 2020 election irregularities.


America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani – who recently tested positive for COVID-19 – ‘Zoomed’ into GA’s hearing on 2020 election irregularities. He said, “Anyone who said fraud isn’t real after seeing the Georgia video, is lying!”

It’s time to release the Kraken!

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