Since leaving The Whitehouse, Donald Trump’s first sit-down interview warned Americans that “The clock is ticking” on saving America with a MAGA America First agenda.

In the interview with Sean Hannity, President Trump began by discussing the Biden Border Crisis.

“It is a horrible situation…there has never been anything like we’ve seen at the border.” Said the President.  “Drugs are pouring in.”

He bemoaned the fact that he had largely resolved border issues by using Trump’s tougher policies and the border wall that Biden has been ignoring and dismantling systemically.

“All [Biden] had to do was leave it alone.”

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He also discussed that many countries take billions in aid from America and then undermine us by sending illegal materials and migrants to our country to destabilize us.

The Democrat Party was also under fire by Trump, who sees the chaos they are accelerating in this country as a means to steal more peoples’ rights away.

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“They’re going to rip apart your second Amendment.”

Whereas “Donald Trump Fights,” according to Sean Hannity, few other Republicans do.  Donald Trump characterized Republicans as soft, flakey, and traitorous when citing people like Mitt Romney.

On the other hand, because Trump is very pro-American, he is effective.  Trump claims he is “128 to 2” on successful endorsements.  He attributes this to the fact that “We have tremendous people…We have much better policies.”

On the Wuhan CCP Virus subject, Trump was visibly upset at the mismanagement of resources by state officials in progressive states like Andrew Cuomo’s New York.  If New York would have used the federal pop-up medical centers created by President Trump, Trump believes it would have easily saved “16,000 lives.”  Instead, Cuomo is under investigation for murdering 10s of thousands of elderly patients by shoving them all in nursing homes against all logic, science, and reason.

Fauci and the medical establishment said that vaccines would take a “minimum 3 years” to develop a ‘vaccine’ and probably more like 5 years, said Trump.  But, because of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed which, among other things, “backed the companies up financially” to make experimental biological agents made available within a year.

But, now, they’re attacking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“Pfizer is ‘in’ with the FDA…they get along with Pfizer so well…” said Trump.  And, because Trump put America on the list of ‘Favored Nations,’ Pfizer could not longer charge American’s more for these experimental ‘vaccines’ or other drugs.  This upset companies like Pfizer said, Trump.

“Pfizer waited until two days after the election” to announce their successes in trials to hurt Trump.  Now, by Trump’s estimation, they are aiming to gain a competitive advantage by demonizing other companies’ biological technologies in favor of their own using the leverage they have with the FDA.

“What the FDA did with Johnson and Johnson is so stupid…they paused it…it’s had a devastating impact.”

Regarding people’s fears about the experimental shots, Trump was not forceful but said: “I encourage people to take it.”

Looking to the future, Trump talked about taking back bother The House and The Senate.

“We are going to help with the House” on taking it back, which he seemed to believe was well within reason.  The Senate, he said, will be much more difficult, but Republicans have a “really, really good chance in the Senate,” especially due to RINOs like Mitch McConnell.

So, what does President Trump miss most about The Whitehouse?

“Helping people.”  And, to meet those ends, Trump insists that he is looking forward to 2024 for another presidential run.

“I am looking at it very seriously…beyond seriously”

The full 46-minute interview, as well as clips, can be found below:



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