Thanks to Obama’s open border policy and a recent agreement with Costa Rica (where these Cubans were waiting), we’re bringing in thousands of Cubans. Once again, our open borders president and our DHS are in cahoots with Central America in screwing the American people who’ll be footing the bill for this. What the local article below doesn’t tell you is that the Cubans are being assisted by the feds which only promotes more and more Cubans to come to the U.S. Hey, didn’t we just normalize relations with Cuba so things are supposed to be just peachy there now, right? 


Central American nations have agreed to let stranded Cubans be airlifted and then bussed into America. Why not send them home? Well, it’s because of yet another stupid policy to accept Cubans who’ve made it to dry land from Cuba. Do we really need to keep this stupid policy in place? We’re just making it more appealing for more and more Cubans to come to America. Heck, we’re even providing transportation for them! Crazy!

This is just more lawlessness from the Obama administration thinking nothing of bringing even more people to take care of. Unreal!

Central American nations have reached an agreement to allow several thousand Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica for over a month to continue their journey towards the United States.

The migrants will be airlifted to El Salvador and put on buses, which will take them to the US.
American legislation gives Cuban migrants preferential treatment.
If they arrive at the US border by land they are allowed to enter the country and apply for residency.
Those who are intercepted at sea are sent back, under the special immigration policy known as “wet foot, dry foot”.

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HIDALGO – At least 7,000 Cuban refugees (more like 11,000) are expected to come to the border in the next coming days.

The activity at the Hidalgo International Bridge continues. For 40 years, Jose Angel Rodriguez has made his living driving a cab.

He said he’s seeing more Cubans crossing the port of entry. “They get here every night, in the morning, and at night they get here. They go to Laredo, too,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez remembered taking a few to a hotel or store. It gets busier each week that passes by.

Down the road from the bridge were a handful of 15-passenger vans. They had Florida license plates. Giovanni Acosta is one of them.

“In Cuba, there’s nothing. There’s no freedom. We came from Cuba because the pressure that we have there,” Giovanni Acosta said.

Acosta said he’s waiting for his wife to come to the bridge so he can take her back to Miami. She’s taking the same track as he once did. “I did the same path, like all the Cubans did. I came from Ecuador. I walked for 27 days on the road,” he said.


Congressman Henry Cuellar’s office said Cuban refugees are coming to Laredo’s Point of Entry every day and the numbers are increasing. They’re coming from Central America through Mexico to the border.

Acosta’s van can take more than just his family. He said he can help the Cuban refugees, but his goal is to pick up his family, to bring them safely back home.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to U.S. Customs and Border Protection to see if they were prepared for the influx. They released a statement that said in part, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is prepared to process the expected increase in Cubans applying for admission at South Texas ports of entry. CBP officers will process Cuban nationals in accordance with established procedures as expeditiously as possible while maintaining requirements and standards for individuals in our care.”

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