Did you know that John Kerry and Robert Mueller went to school together? This makes so much sense. As Vanity Fair Magazine puts it: ‘its main constituency has traditionally been the conservative old Wasp families of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia – the plutocracy that has been running the country for generations’.


The Deep State is working overtime these days. Kerry was spotted in Paris, France with three Iranian diplomats after President Trump announced America’s exit from Obama’s scam Iran Deal. It had been reported he was meeting with Iranians prior to Trump’s announcement to try and salvage the deal.

We’ve also just learned that Mueller dug up old information on Manafort that he had been cleared on:

Mueller didn’t find crimes of Manafort. What he did was he went into old DOJ files, which he knew existed, because he was the FBI director, and pulled out an old case against Manafort, which Manafort had already been cleared of. He did this to get him to flip. All very illegal.

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The Deep State is REALLY deep as you’ll see below:

Smiling alongside John Kerry at their elite New Hampshire boarding school, this is Robert Mueller decades before before he began investigating Donald Trump‘s election campaign.

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Mueller, who was born Robert Swan Mueller III, was a star student in the class of 1962 at St Paul’s in Concord where fees today cost $60,000 a year.

The future director of the FBI became the lacrosse captain and played hockey with Kerry, the future Democratic presidential candidate.

The contrast with Trump’s childhood is stark – although it is the difference not between wealth and poverty, but between the son of a scrappy self-made man from Queens and the son of an establishment insider.

Mueller had a privileged upbringing first in Princeton, New Jersey, and then in the Main Line, the wealthy suburb of Philadelphia, where his father, Robert Mueller Jr was a lifelong DuPont executive who had served as a Navy officer in the Atlantic and Mediterranean World War II.

He was first educated at Princeton County Day School, where he was credited in 1956 for his clarinet playing.

Then Mueller’s parents – his father was a Princeton graduate, his mother the scion of a railroad tycoon’s family – sent him to St Paul’s, whose alumni include members of the aristocratic Vanderbilt family.


After leaving St Paul’s Mueller attended Princeton, where he studied politics.

In contrast Trump’s parents sent him to New York Military Academy, which while a private boarding school, was hardly the feeder to the Ivy League which Mueller attended.

Vanity Fair magazine said ‘its main constituency has traditionally been the conservative old Wasp families of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia – the plutocracy that has been running the country for generations’.

The schools alumni include J.P Morgan jnr; Cornelius Vanderbilt III; John Jacob Astor IV, the Astor scion who died on the Titanic; William Randolph Hearst, who did not graduate; John Lindsay, the last Wasp to be New York mayor in the 1970s; Gary Trudeau, the Doonesbury cartoonist; dozens of U.S. ambassadors and senators ; and perhaps ominously, Archibald Cox, the Watergate special prosecutor.

Another from 1962 shows Mueller and Kerry on the hockey team together posing for a team shot.

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