Senator Mark Kelly (D-Az.) is in the middle of a contentious bid for re-election against Trump-endorsed Blake Masters.

In recent weeks, Republicans have shifted their campaign strategy to discussing immigration and crime, with the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the border set to shatter records for the second year in a row.

Today, it was revealed that Citizens for Sanity, an anti-open borders, anti-soft-on-crime organization, paid for a massive billboard that thanks Kelly for open borders.

Kelly’s current lead in the polls against Masters is within the margin of error, meaning that they are in a statistical dead heat.

In the past, Kelly has claimed that he does not support open borders, “I’m not for open borders. I think we need border security. We also have to treat people fairly,” he said.

His voting record indicates that he supported bills to defund the border wall on three separate occasions and voted against additional funding for Border Patrol agents.

Breitbart Reports

A massive billboard ad in Phoenix is thanking Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) for keeping the southern border open to invasion from illegal migrants.

“Thank you, Mark Kelly, for voting to keep our borders open,” the billboard reads. “The drugs aren’t going to smuggle themselves.”

The ad says it was paid for by Citizens for Sanity. According to its website, the group’s mission is “to return common sense to America, to highlight the importance of logic and reason, and to defeat ‘wokeism’ and anti-critical thinking ideologies.”

Democrat Kelly and the Biden administration have allowed nearly 2 million illegal migrants into the nation in this fiscal year. August represents the fifth month in a row in which migrant apprehensions exceeded 180,000 migrants.

Illegal immigration increases rent costs, reduces American wages, burdens law enforcement, overwhelms the social welfare nets, undermines employees’ workplace rights, and extracts human resources from poor home countries.

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