Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

I’m going to give you photographic proof that is going to blow your mind, and what you do with that is then up to you.

I’m just your humble correspondent!

Let’s talk about The Economist magazine, specifically how they strangely keep predicting the future years and decades in advance!

Before I show you those details, let’s first talk about who OWNS the Economist magazine, because once you know that fact everything else suddenly makes a lot more sense.

So, who owns the Economist?

All the “Elite” power families that run the world.

No, seriously….almost all of them.

I already knew the answer, but I asked ChatGPT so I could show it to you.

Take a look:

The Economist magazine is owned by The Economist Group. The largest shareholders in The Economist Group are Exor, an investment company controlled by the Agnelli family of Italy, which holds about 43% of the shares, and the Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroder, and Layton families, which collectively own about 21%. The remaining shares are held by a group of independent shareholders, including current and former employees of the magazine.

The power players pulling the strings of the puppets on the world stage.

So when they own and publish a magazine, they tend to leak some secrets from time to time.

Actually, leak may not be the right word.

I’ve covered this many times before, but there seems to be some law of the Universe where these Evil Elites seem obligated to tell of the evil they are doing in advance.


I don’t understand it, I don’t know why, but before every big evil event, you can always find these people telling you it was coming in advance.

They often use Hollywood to do it.

We’ve seen countless examples of movies released years and decades in advance that have plots that tell the exact same story of real world events that would not happen for years or decades later.

We’ve seen it with The Simpsons and The X Files.

Too many times to count, but here are just a few:

  1. “The Lone Gunmen” TV Series (2001) – This show, a spin-off of “The X-Files,” featured a pilot episode where the plot involved a government conspiracy to crash a commercial airliner into the World Trade Center to increase arms sales. This episode aired just months before the tragic events of September 11, 2001.
  2. “The Siege” (1998) – This film depicted terrorist attacks in New York City, including a bombing of a bus, and the subsequent military occupation of the city in response to the attacks. The themes of terrorism and the response to it in New York City eerily prefigured the events of 9/11.
  3. “Network” (1976) – This satirical film about a fictional television network predicted several future trends in the world of media, including the blurring of the line between news and entertainment and the rise of outrage as a media strategy, which has become increasingly relevant in the age of social media and 24-hour news cycles.
  4. “Wag the Dog” (1997) – This film, about a political spin doctor and a Hollywood producer who fabricate a war to distract from a presidential scandal, prefigured the way media and public relations tactics are used in politics, especially in the context of the Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent military actions in the Balkans under President Clinton.
  5. “Contagion” (2011) – This film’s depiction of a global pandemic, originating from bats, and the challenges faced by public health officials, eerily mirrors the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2019. The movie accurately predicted various aspects of pandemic response, including social distancing, the race for a vaccine, and conspiracy theories about the virus’s origin.
  6. “Enemy of the State” (1998) – This movie’s portrayal of widespread government surveillance, including the ability to track individuals through electronic devices, prefigured the real-life revelations about government surveillance programs like those uncovered by Edward Snowden in 2013.

And when they don’t use Hollywood, they LOVE to use their precious Economist magazine.

But don’t take my word for it, let me show you!

This is The Economist Magazine from December 2012 / January 2013 issue:

Here’s a zoom in so you can see the details better:

Ok, so we have charming caption ” A Rough Guide To Hell”….how nice.

But when you start studying the details that’s where it starts to blow your mind.

Starting at the very top, where you have Netanyahu fighting Hamas….on paragliders!

Oh, you mean the EXACT same thing that would happen 10 years after this cover was published, when Hamas (allegedly) used paragliders to fly into Israel in a surprise attack?

Just an incredibly odd coincidence, huh?

A lot of those keep popping up….

What else do you see?  Drop a comment below, there is a ton hidden in here!  Let’s see what everyone can find!

Then you have the literal devil running the Climate Change hoax, so I guess they got that one right.

And you have Obama in his pedo pride boat….



Like this you mean?

A lot more here:

But it’s far from the first time The Economist has accurately predicted the future….

This may be the most famous one:

Here’s a Zoom in:

That’s the infamous Phoenix rising from the ashes of burning fiat US dollars….

They predicted it would happen in 2018 and you have to wonder if Trump winning in 2016 altered that timeline?

Oh by the way, did I mention that cover photo is from 1988?

Yes, 30 years prior to the date they predicted it would happen.

Guess they missed it by a few years, but it’s definitely here now, and I keep telling you the US Dollar is about to implode.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so if your eyes glaze over when I talk about the US Dollar and economics, just burn this picture into your mind of the greenbacks burning and going to ZERO, while Bitcoin (or more accurately what looks like XRP and XLM) rise from the ashes.

Now do you get it?

The U.S. Dollar Is Nearly FINISHED, Will You Survive The Coming Crash?

We’ve been one of the FIRST news outlets on this story.

Credit to our friend Bo Polny who first started telling us the U.S. Dollar was in serious trouble a couple years ago…

At the time, it seems inconceivable that the U.S. Dollar would ever be anything other than the world reserve currency.

Now it’s very obvious and we appear to be in the end-stages.

I want you to listen to this short clip from a very smart man, Miles Franklin CEO Andy Schectman.

He explains the very simple roadmap for how you dethrone the U.S. Dollar:

– Weaponize the dollar
– Incentive oil producers to dump the dollar
– Cause an inflationary crisis at home
– Banks collapse
– Tell everyone they will be made whole if they sign up for the CBDC

Watch the clip here and tell me if this sounds like EXACTLY what we’re watching play out before our very eyes.

Pretty incredible when you hear him connect all the dots.

Watch here:

Then the big question comes next…

They’re not dethroning the U.S. Dollar because they’re bored.

They’re doing it because they have something ready to take its place and they need to make room for it.

I believe Gold and Silver are going to play a BIG role in the new system.

I believe they conditioned the public over the last 40 years to not buy Gold and Silver.

They taught you to avoid them.

They plunged the prices.

And yet….what were the big players doing all along?


Keep reading and I’ll connect a bunch of dots for you!

We are fast approaching a Bretton Woods 3.0 moment on the world stage.

These come along about once every 100 years and the people who are positioned on the right side of history always scoop up generational wealth.

It’s an incredible time to be alive.

Read this:

“Generational Move” In Gold Is Dead Ahead

A Generational Gold Move is dead ahead!

Spoiler alert: that means to the UP side!

Those aren’t my words, that’s Alastair Still the CEO of Gold Mining Inc. talking with SGT Report.

The man knows his stuff and he’s adding to the chorus of voices I’ve been bringing you recently telling you it’s time to pay attention to gold!

Read to the bottom to see how you can buy Gold with no money out of pocket!  

I’m going to continue bringing you as many reports as I can so no one can say I didn’t warn ya!

Oh, and did you see this from a couple days ago?

Costco To Begin Selling Gold

What do you think THAT is going to do to demand for the precious metal?

If you know anything about economics, you know when Demand goes up and supply stays the same, what happens to price?

It's basic Economics.

But now here's the latest...

You're going to want to watch this one and pay close attention:

And in case you missed it, here's more on that Costco Gold story....

Costco To Begin Selling Gold

I love it when we beat the big players to the table.

We take great pride in our reporting and I love to see when that reporting is confirmed like what just happened here.

For the past few months we've been telling you that it might be time to look into Gold and Silver.

You know, "God's Money".

Since the beginning of time, that has been the only enduring sound money.

So it made sense, especially as they print the U.S. Dollar into oblivion.

When you can just print trillions of new Dollars whenever you want, it doesn't take an economist to realize that soon the Dollars in your pocket have less value.

They're literally "worth less" and in the future may even be entirely "worthless".

But Gold and Silver have always endured.

We've been telling you over and over and what just happened this week?

Now Costco is telling you.

In addition to selling you 18 bottles of ketchup and a 32-pack of Mac-and-Cheese, Costco will now be selling GOLD.

Simple question, and again it doesn't take an economist to figure this out: What do you think all that increased Demand is going to do to the price of Gold?


This is a bit technical, but it shows just how well Gold has done recently:

Many are saying the Costco pricing is "not great" on Gold:

From The Daily Mail:

Bulk-buy retailer Costco starts selling GOLD worth up to £24,500 in its supermarkets - but shoppers are warned to be wary because of violent price fluctuations

Bulk-buy specialist Costco is now offering bars of gold for up to £24,500 a time

Experts warned people could be getting a poor deal after swings in gold market

The price of gold has risen 28 per cent in past 12 months, but it's a volatile market

It's not an item likely to be on the weekly shopping lists of many households – but one supermarket giant has started selling gold bullion alongside its everyday groceries.

Bulk-buy specialist Costco, more normally known for its ‘pile-’em-high, sell-’em-cheap’ philosophy, is now offering bars of the precious metal for up to £24,500 a time.

But experts last night warned shoppers they could be getting a poor deal, particularly after violent swings in the gold market this year.

While the company’s mark-up on gold is up to seven per cent on the market rate, it is also selling silver bars at a whopping 28 per cent premium.

Many investors have been turning to what they see as the security of gold this year, amid huge uncertainties in the world economy caused by Covid-19, international tensions and political discord in America.

But while the price of gold has risen by 28 per cent in the past 12 months to almost $1,900 (£1,469) an ounce, it is a volatile market, declining by more than six per cent in the past two months alone.

On September 24, Costco’s 100g bar was on sale for £4,939.99, when the market price for that much gold was £4,619.70 – equal to a seven per cent mark-up in store.

Now, take this and remember what Andy Schectman just told us....

Have you seen this?

Gold and Silver: "No one wants to sell at these make believe prices"

I've been telling you for a long time now that Gold and Silver are vastly undervalued.

I'm not a financial advisor and I can't tell you what to do, but I can look at historical data and I can easily see that the current price of Gold and Silver makes no sense's being manipulated.

Now who would want to do that?

And the more important question: will it go on forever, or do the manipulators eventually release the stretched rubber band and ride an explosion up?

I've you've been paying attention in life, you know the answer.

You know these crooks on Wall Street manipulate things down, ⭐ then they load their boats, then they manipulate them up into a bubble.

Where are we in that process right now for commodities like Gold and Silver?

Right exactly where I placed that star up above.

⭐ = You Are Here

The Big Boys are loading their boats.

But that's not just my opinion.

I'm a nobody.

Listen to Andy Schectman who is an expert on these things and he lays it out PERFECTLY in two minutes.

Here's my rough paraphrase:

"A concerted effort by the very powerful to use the suppression of commodities (gold, silver, but also a long list of all other commodities)...these countries are not complaining about suppressed low prices yet because they're accumulating!  But once it becomes obvious that the availability of these commodities is very scarce and no one wants to sell at these "make believe prices" then the public says "OMG, what have we been missing?"  And maybe that all happens in concert with a breakdown of the banking system, then the public says "give it to me now" and that's when you'll see the circuit breakers be put into affect.  But at that point it's too late."

Oh my!

It's so much better to listen to him explain it in his own words.

It's just 2 minutes long.

Watch here (as presented by my friend the Digital Asset Investor):

But it's not just Andy either.

It's this latest interview over at SGT Report.

Sean does such a great job over there of interviewing people on topics the MSM doesn't want you to see, and his latest is called "$1,000 Silver -- Seriously, Stop Laughing".

There's actually a lot of history that goes into that quote and this was a great discussion by four very smart individuals.

Watch here:

I've been sounding the alarm for a while now...

Have you taken action?

As always, there's one thing I always say and it's never been proven wrong:  Watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

Who is "they"?

The same people Andy Schectman was talking about.

Big Governments.

Central Banks all over the world.

Big Business.

What are they doing?

They are LOADING THEIR BOATS with as much Gold and Silver as they can find and they're laughing all the way to the bank because they're buying at what Andy says are "make believe prices".

Are you?

After the Great Financial Crash of 2008, I made a decision.

From that point forward, I would simply do what the Big Boys were doing.

I would simply watch what they're doing and copy it.

Oh, and if they had Jim Cramer telling people the OPPOSITE (i.e. Cramer says Gold is a loser, but the Central Banks are buying with both fists) that was usually the perfect confirmation I needed.

So that's been my strategy since 2008 and it's worked very well for me.

Here's more....

Here's Why Banks Are Buying Up All of the Gold

I've got Jordan Peterson and Peter Schiff in a fascinating conversation about the Value of Gold.

And it's not just some academic debate.

This could very soon be one of the most important things in your world when the U.S. Dollar crashes and gets its value cut in half....or worse.

These guys know what they're talking about and this short 8 minute clip is definitely worth your time to watch.

I always say this: don't listen to what the "Elites" tell what they are DOING.

And what are they doing?

Stacking gold and silver.

As much as they can get their hands on.

Look, I hope I'm wrong but I think we're in for a massive event that is going to destroy bank accounts and destroy the U.S. Dollar.

So what happens to YOU when that happens?

Watch this and then scroll down for how I can help you stay safe right now....


For those who can't listen, here's the transcript (and then scroll down for what YOU can do right now!  That's the most important thing!):

One of the reasons that people are so
arrogant particularly in America that
the dollar status is not in jeopardy and
so that we can keep on running these
huge deficits we can create keep on
creating inflation and the world's got
no choice right but to stick with the
dollar because are they going to go to
the euro are they going to go to the Yen
you know the pound

I mean they're
winning B I agree all of those
currencies also have problems
and so do you really want to switch from
one flawed fiat currency to another even
if those other Fiat currencies may be
less flawed than the dollar right

do you really want to make that shift I
don't think that that's what's going to
happen what everybody is missing is that
there is an alternative
to the dollar that doesn't involve
another fiat currency and that's gold

that is real money everybody forgets
that for thousands of years gold was
money it was money because it worked now
over the course of time uh we had paper
currencies that would rise and fall I
mean hundreds of years ago they were
paper currencies that are now worthless
and you don't even know their names

know they come and go but gold has has
stayed you know gold works as money and
so I think what these central banks are
going to do is as they get out of
dollars they will just increase their
Holdings of gold gold will be the
monetary anchor gold will be the reserve
monetary asset just the way it was
before the dollar it wasn't the British

I mean the British pound was a
dominant currency but gold was what
everybody owned the British back to
pounds do you see any do you see any
evidence that some of these alternate
currencies are starting to back their
currency claims with gold oh yeah you
can what's happening on the central
banks are now buying more gold than
they've bought in in in decades

especially a lot of the uh you know the
Emerging Market countries not even maybe
so much the United States isn't buying
any gold and maybe you know some of the
more mature uh countries but a lot of
other countries that had predominantly
held dollars and then to a lower degree
Euros or Yen or pounds these countries
are increasingly buying gold that's why
gold is at a record high

I mean Gold's
around two thousand dollars an ounce but
in terms of just about every other
currency on the planet gold has been
hitting all-time record highs uh and
again that's not really gold going up
that's all these Fiat currencies going
down but what are the reasons that
countries would want gold as opposed to
the dollar is the US government doesn't
have any control over it

you know gold
is an asset that's not also somebody
else's liability and nobody could create
it you have to mine it no one country
you know has the advantage so you know
why would you want to take away
uh that that privilege that the United
States has and just bestow it on
somebody else who is going to abuse it
the same way

I mean the United States
abused that privilege that we had and we
we we exported all this inflation to the
world we took advantage of the this the
position that we were in uh so why would
you want to put another nation in in a
position to similarly take advantage of
the world it's much better to go back to
to honest money and again

even when we
were on Bretton Woods before you know
1971 and we were on the dollar standard
it was because the dollar was backed by
gold again if you held dollars you held
gold that's where the saying came from
the dollar is as good as gold in fact
the legal definition of a dollar is a is
a weight of gold that's what a dollar is
dollars are gold the the the paper
currency that circulated Federal Reserve
notes are not dollars they are notes of
the Federal Reserve

initially the those
Federal Reserve notes were payable in
dollars the dollars were the gold that
the Federal Reserve notes paid because
if you think about what a note is a note
is a promise to pay something a Federal
Reserve Note is supposed to pay
something well what did it pay it paid
gold it paid dollars today Federal
Reserve notes pay nothing their ious
nothing the Federal Reserve is not
obligated to give you anything I mean if
you have a ten dollar bill okay so
people people might object and they and
they have

that well gold is just another arbitrary
standard of value it has some intrinsic
worth it's useful for jewelry it's
useful for certain industrial
applications but it's just another
psychologically valuable currency
without any intrinsic value and so it
shouldn't be a repository of value in
principle that's any more stable than
let's say a well-managed or even a badly
managed fiat currency and so what do you
what do you why is it that gold has
proved itself let's say over centuries
or Millennia as a storehouse of value
what is it about gold
intrinsically let's say that seems to
have given it that edge the idea that
gold doesn't have any intrinsic value is
just pure nonsense

it's obviously
politicians have a vested interest in in
trying to diminish gold as a monetary
alternative to the Fiat system and even
now you have a lot out of cryptocurrency
enthusiasts who say the same thing well
you know gold has no value because they
want to justify something like Bitcoin
which also has no value and say well
gold worked as money and it has no value

so so Bitcoin could work well it's not
true that gold has no value gold is the
most valuable the most useful metal on
the periodic table gold became money
because it was such a valuable commodity
but gold has a lot of properties that
make it uniquely qualified to be money
more so than than other Commodities
that's why gold was so successful over
the centuries as money because people
preferred to use it as money it wasn't
governments that decided gold is going
to be money
the people decided that gold was going
to be money and once the people decided
that gold was going to be money if you
were a king you know well you would tax
people in Gold because if you wanted to
pay your soldiers to protect you your
soldiers wanted gold right so it was the
money created in the free market and it
beat out all other forms of money
because gold you know a gold coin uh all
they're all all the same

you could melt
gold down and you can make it into coins
uh it's fungible it's portable it's
divisible but the other aspect of goal
that is the key you can save gold
because if I have an ounce of gold in
100 years in a thousand years it's
exactly the same it doesn't lose any of
its properties and in fact even if I
take my gold and I make you know I make
a ring out of it or I I use it to make a
watch right

you can melt this ring down and you get
your gold back and it's exactly the way
it was you could do something else with
it there's really no other metal you can
keep using it over and over and over
again I mean they fill teeth with gold
if you find somebody buried in the
ground you know you could take their
fillings and you know the Gold's still
there you know there treasure ships from
the 1400s 1500s they sink if they
recover the wreckage the only thing
that's still there is the goal it's an
it looks exactly the way it looked when
the sink when the ship sank 500 years
ago so from a point of savings because
money has to satisfy three primary
conditions two of them are a unit of
account an immediate exchange but the
third one is the store value
and that's important

because it's also makes it possible to
do loans that I can borrow money you can
lend money and you can be repaid and you
know that the money that you're going to
get repaid is going to retain its value
and so that's something that gold that
gold does better than than other metals

the value of gold even if I'm not
using my gold today as a metal let's say
I have gold stored in a safe and you say
well you know you're not using it for
anything that's true but I'm preserving
the future use of that gold
somebody in the future is going to need
that gold and so I'm storing it right

because you know there are more uses for
gold that are discovered all the time
because of its very unique properties
I'm sure in a hundred years or a
thousand years
there will be more uses for gold than
there are now

So, what can YOU do to protect yourself?

To protect your family?

To stay safe?

Simple: you need to get some #Gold or #Silver in your own possession.

It's called "physical" gold and silver.

Not paper traded garbage on the stock exchanges that isn't backed by anything.

Don't touch that stuff.

I have two special hook-ups for you.

Both involve PHYSICAL gold and silver.

Because if you do NOTHING else, make sure you own "physical" gold and silver, not paper contracts.

The paper contracts (like stock ticker SLV and GLD) could very well go POOF one day and disappear or go to zero, because they're not actually backed by the gold and silver they claim to represent.

It's a massive game of musical chairs out there and when the music stops (and I think it will stop soon...) people who only own paper might find themselves owning something not worth the paper it's literally written on.

And I know you'll never forget it if I give you this GIF so....Let's Get Physical:

Now...WHERE do you get physical gold and silver and how do you know it's real and safe?

And that you're getting the best price?

Oh, and how about personal one-on-one real customer service?

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That means bulk bars.

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The website is called WLT Precious Metals and when you see my logo in the top left-hand corner, you'll know you're in the right place.

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How about that!

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Good things come to those who wait!

You can contact Ira and WLT Precious Metals here.

Ok, that was #1.

Now I want to tell you about option #2.

An equally great company, I am so happy to be working with these guys.

This next company is called Genesis Gold and this is for people who want to purchase real physical gold or silver in their IRAs (Investment Retirement Accounts).

You know what the beauty of that is?

TAX FREE baby!

I'm not a tax advisor, but that's a general oversimplification.

Never pay more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

And that's why I love getting gold and silver in my IRA (and why I hold a large chunk in an IRA myself!).

There's so much to love about Genesis Gold, starting with the fact they are proudly and un-ashamedly Christina!

They call it "Faith-Driven Stewardship" and they put it right on the homepage of their website along with a quote from Ezekiel:

Wealth Preservation With Gold & Silver –
The Genesis Gold IRA

By your wisdom and your understanding you have made wealth for yourself, and have gathered Gold and Silver into your treasuries – EZEKIEL 28:4

Genesis Gold Group believes the Bible gives clues on how man-made currencies (paper money) represent instability, and a lack of virtue and encourages living wastefully in excess.

Conflicts have beleaguered us since the dawn of civilization, and they can all be encapsulated into one battle. The battle is between currency, man-made paper, and gold and silver — the two precious metals found in our Earth’s crust, sent to us by our Lord to use as money. Man-made currency always leads nations down the path to increased war, greed, and ultimate collapse. History has shown that abandoning gold and silver has always been a bad idea. Gold and Silver enforce discipline, nurture self-constraint, self-reliance, and balance, and lead to confidence, a restrained government, and a more stable foreign policy.

Genesis Gold Group believes in empowering faith-driven stewardship with Gold & Silver are an integral part of a balanced portfolio. Protecting your finances with precious metals has never been more crucial during these trying times.

With a combined 50-plus years in the precious metals industry, let your Genesis gold and silver experts guide you through the simplicity of asset protection and growth with our Genesis Gold IRA.


Genesis Gold Group

Empowering Faith-Driven Stewardship

Oh....and they're VERY good at what they do.

You also get physical gold and silver with Genesis, believe it or not!  The gold and silver is purchased for you (in whatever combination of coins and bars you prefer, a picture taken and sent to you, and then stored safely in a vault for you!

I love what these guys are doing.

Here's more on why gold and silver in your IRA are so powerful:

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Tell 'em Noah sent ya!

Oh, and did you know Genesis is recommended by SUPERMAN himself?

It's true.

Superman himself, Clark Kent -- Dean Cain -- came on my show a few weeks ago and we broke it all down:

Watch here:

Stay safe!

Make sure you can weather the storm when it hits!

Because the storm always hits eventually, doesn't it?

As for me and my house, we will be ready. 💪

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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